Issues with OBJ and Collada imports

Hi, I’m struggling with importing Collada files and OBJ files.
A bit of background I’m exporting out of sketchup to blender 2.81 always save out as meter units.
I’ve managed to import both files types, but with different results.
When I import the OBJ, I import using the split by group options, everything is imported, but not grouped?
If I select split by object all meshes are combined and keep vertex order does not help either.
Now when I import the Collada file all my original groups are imported, but part or whole meshes are missing.
So I’m looking to import the grouping like the Collada file, whilst importing all correctly.
It would be a long process to set up the groups once imported the OBJ,as items like the keyboard model is even split down to each individual key.
I’m pulling my hair out, so any help would be great.

I’ve added the OBJ and Collada files below.