Issues with rendering in Yafaray Blend 2.48 2.49


I am having an issue with rendering with Yafaray in Blender. Let me start off by saying that I never have encountered these issues with Yafaray before so I am finding them to be quite perplexing.
There are two issues here. Initially the problem that I was having was that every time I tried to render a model with a texture, I would get an error message that would pop up saying that Yafaray encountered a problem and needed to close…very frustrating. I believe I was using blender 4.48 at the time. To resolve this I tried numerous older versions of blender going all the way back to 4.44, and I still had the same issue. I would render model with a texture and it would give me the same error message. I figured Yafaray was the problem so I uninstalled Yafaray and reinstalled it. Now I have encountered a new problem. When I go to render my scene the image never renders in the render window, and in the blender console window I get a message saying "Couldn’t FIND registry key for yafray, is it installed? As a solution I looked up a tutorial on installing Yafaray in blender 4.49 on youtube, and there is a section on the video that states that for Yafaray: v0.1.1 to work you need to copy and paste the file into the scripts folder located in the path C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts. So I go to the blender folder and is not there. I also checked the Yafaray folder under program files to see if it was moved there some how but it wasn’t there either. Just to note I did remember to download blender and Yafaray in the non(X86) folder like the vid suggested. So my question is where do I find the file if it’s not in the blender folder? I also noticed that under environment varables under computer(I am using windows 7)–advanced, under path it was changed to luxrender(I tried to switch to luxrender as a solution for GI) If i remember correctly shouldn’t it say C:ProgramFiles/Yafaray_DIR or something to that effect? Can anyone offer any advice or help as to what I need to do to get Yafaray to work properly. As a solution to 4.49 could anyone post the file so I can move it to the folder and see if that solves it? Also has anyone ever heard of Yafaray crashing because you tried to render a texured model?..strange. Thanks for all of your help.

thanks richard! I actually saw that link before and upon reviewing it I realized what the issue was. The was in different part of my hard drive. Now I feel pretty silly but thanks anyways.