Issues with trying to render with R9 390

Using GPU rendering the majority of my renders have not gone through. They either crash with “invalid ray state,” or they leave an entire tile open and the render goes on and on but never finishes, or all tiles are rendered but the render just does not finish. It gets stuck near 90%. Ive been using 2.81-2.83a, currently on 2.83a for the use of importing VDBs. But is there anyfix to this? The scene I’m working on now is an animation, rendering on cpu takes 50 minutes - 1 hour per frame currently. Is there any fix to this?

I tried a simple animation rendering on R9 390 on 2.83a, just changed the output to FFmpeg, kept rest as default. I was not able to reproduce the issue. Is there anything else that might be causing the issue?

Not sure. Ive tested this on multiple scenes both heavy and light scenes with very simple setups and its 50/50 chance the render will actually finish. restarting the computer doesn’t fix it either. Have majority of my programs closed while rendering also.