Lately I’ve noticed issues with forums buttons.
For e.g. “More” button which loads more posts stopped working.
Then I found that I’m left with clicking on “Latest” to get to the post list.
Then I’ve noticed that many value tweak buttons stopped working.
And the only way of accessing them was by minimizing some triangles for drop down panels.
How can I know that this is not a way of terrorizing in order to hint me that Blender
is not actually a free software in order to kill my faith in it or investing any time though
it is written that it is free?
And how can I know that if I will get closer to my intention or the main goal of making
a game - it wont stop working at all to prevent me of reaching my dream to make a game?
I am not that rich to donate money at the moment if it is the case why these things keep irritating my nerve.

Loads of decisions to make should I actually bother investing my time in Blender at all.

All this may mean you need to update your browser as many different forums behave like that as browsers used are getting old. When they are too old some sites pop up messages telling you that.
And Blender as software has nothing to do with it, it’s needless worry. Exploring it is never a waste of time so go on with your game project and have fun!

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The forums at are irrelevant to the Blender software (EDIT: not supported or affiliated by Blender development team or the Blender foundation). Also the forum platform is a third party software written by other teams.

The admins here can only settle things in regards to configurations or community accounts. But if it happens that you run on some rare bug, it will probably go away within few weeks if it gets fixed or actually if you feel like helping the forum platform go to their forum and report it so they know about it.

If you are planning to develop a game you won’t need to use Blender at all. Most important is to use existing assets as placeholders and once you are ready for the final polish hire a good artist to make a few assets for you. Much cheaper than paying for Maya.

Sadly it’s not just Browser and this website with the “More” button, but also Blender 2.79b.
The issue was just as if someone would pull RMB logic off for my account on that button and Blender sections most likely, not the browser.
Because as far as I noticed, no other buttons would be giving me any s**t.

The forums at are irrelevant to the Blender software.

Right, and I am supposed to believe what You’ve wrote about this one?! XD

But if it happens that you run on some rare bug3

Maybe I should reinstall it. While if I copy and paste an object in a new opened Blender instance of what I wanted to tweak for e.g. a colour change for consideration or just from being tired from grey then by doing so i’d get it to work. Grrr!

If you are planning to develop a game you won’t need to use Blender at all.

You must be a kiddo or trying to punk me out right? There’s almost no bigger satisfaction from thinking and clicking within Blender, in and all inside out towards ways of optimization and hammering stuff down to the toughest ways around or approaches found or realized within Blenders available possibilities or finding Your style of low poly and so on for e.g.
Besides it really allows me to afford an artist while being an avg. workhorse slave. Like I am or I would be rubbing in someones for advantages or money to make my dream come true. Nice one!
Maybe the best one out there and the most expensive one, and I should be like agreeing to anything what he or she may say on what looks good or what fits my theme even if I dont think so just to load someone up with money right which doesn’t come that easy knowing You’ve got Your pc at home waiting when You’re gonna do something about what is sort of possible to be done on it.

I tend to think of myself as an artist and In fact - not a single opinion or criticism would be taken in consideration aimed at my project and that’s for a start. Killed my demons and addictions of playing after all. And I know for a fact that most of the projects came to life with same attitude, and what You’ve got out there game wise is what’s on the plate, and what’s available to play unless You hold back not to bite it.
And often I doubt that much of players opinions has changed evolution of any project themes.
Because I know how it is when You like what You see especially knowing the fact that You’ve lived and loved through process of making it and got high of experience and feel of personal artistic accomplishment which is most important for an artist just just as blood for a vampire while the accomplishment and feel of it after opening the saved stuff up in the morning makes opinions irrelevant if they’ve found their art as their home for their minds.
But apart from that, I am just thankful that people help here to get Your mind around scripts and answer questions about python or give some ideas of how to approach some tasks if it doesn’t take too much of their time without talking about sea of amazing tuts.

I’ve also seen countless of posts here that are made by amateurs or maybe even professionals with hopes that their crap pictures of stuff may affect or break down someones decisions in art like they’ve got no clue what looks well knocked to the progresses, theme, style, fx effect wise
or even understands what is over all artistic style patterns from which the whole project is made from - hope I don’t sound too harsh, bs and lol is always fun while sometimes you’ll find yourself with thoughts that you should start with evaluating and acknowledging the power of Blender which is sort of in Your hands to get a grip of its true potential to go enigma.
While my main aim was optimization so that I could afford to fit in more in spawns and events and feature wise of project while spending as least as possible in object geometry and armatures. And maybe that’s why octagon will be low enough to be round in my theme.
While keeping in mind that games that look like lego would never row my boat.
Besides an artist could make things to look good by hooking assets up with loads of things that could end up with weighing a lot. And I wouldn’t want my projects player mainly to be versus 1 - 5 mobs that are with stupid AI and have no AI players to compete with or ally with which generate choices of templates to which they may stick to as they loot and even make decisions to change them depending on the loot they drop.
While i’d like them to make posts to sell stuff and have dreams… have their desired target items they’d wish to buy or drop just as the player through the whole thing so that I can completely close my eyes and never think about internet ever again but look at it as at a resource of goodies and nothing more.
But to squeeze in all that, a bit more than just an artist would be required because I am pushed to write that as I do not know the amount of video card or ram an average pc owner or gamer may have if I look into future with thoughts to offer my game to someone who has lower specs than my pc on which I mess with. Would a new game intro movie get someone of buying a new powerful laptop? While even looking at myself in constant financial issues all through life which doesn’t allow me to save up to buy more powerful machine and expect everyone else to have it until I will end up with thoughts that I wont be able to sell or even offer my game to anyone.
Tough I’ve been messing with mesh and modelling and just sinking in design for a while and I’ve got no doubt that I’ve got an eye for stuff that looks good because it’s what I like to look at or even imagining things before I take things to a stage when I call it done.
It will be a place in which I will dwell anyway just as many others hang on simple things hooked to work through processes of generation systems and props of buffing its results based on through context written stuff and props to be high of surprise surprise.
Its way better or different than rocking cards every spare minute You’ve got or poking those scrabble games.
Besides even I wont know or be able to predict the next move or what I may get for slaying stuff in my own dream world.
Just training of senses really with thoughts to rub and optimize the juice out of any process that I possibly could be able to squeeze in more for bots to be like online imitated thematic players which could respond to a hell of list of propositions and questions that may change at times depending on circumstances as well as values of their skills or wealth to be brave enough or take the risk and go for some new areas.

But with these kind of issues that I get to experience sort of start to disappoint me.
Just as materials all over internet which state that they jail people for not paying taxes.
Like I am going to pay a single penny in future once my game will be ready.
Which really irritates me once again because I am left with no option but to pay them which in fact keeps strangling my conscience and just so that someone who’s morality has been long way gone and is atrophied has to make me to feel as part of their crap by reporting to me what is happening in the world which is mainly caused by taxpayer making idiots to live careless lives without financial lacks but perversions and paying money to psychos who are worst than drug addicts to abuse worst kind of drugs while having their asses paid off to stay undiagnosed, in power and with worst mental issues.

And that’s how these bugs keep making me feel.
Like I’ve been given a sandwich to munch on while it is starting to get pulled out of my hands.

Hmm, where do you see that ‘more’ button?

I think this is in Blender, and not on this forum? :thinking:

I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. Blender and this forum are separate entities. We run on Discourse, which is open source software:

lol… you are really out of touch

Hmm, where do you see that ‘more’ button?

If I press on BA in top left and scroll all the way down. The “More” button would be on bottom right.

I think this is in Blender, and not on this forum? :thinking:

Blenderartist website has this issue, as well as many tweaks in Blender itself as emission value and few other I noticed at times.
But today I’ve noticed that even my start bars ^ button which opens hidden icons to bring up volume and wi-fi access buttons is acting the same.
I guess it is my system maybe needs some rebooting or hell knows what.
While I look at it suspicious from my own perspective and everything I know about how dirty things are in life.
Only way to manipulate volume now for me is to press windows button to type in vol to bring up adjust volume.

And btw I am getting right at what I wrote there. I wrote nothing about rocket science not to be clearly understandable while You seem to act now a bit dumb maybe with purpose.

People in close connections with those who wrote op systems could be tackling or pissing off many so that they never prosper in life by using IT especially if their aim is to sell their creations like crack without paying taxes and go berserk and maybe even be brutal against those who may force or threaten them with jail by reminding unfair laws which include their privileges of being allowed to print money and stuff anyone with it who rubs into theirs - it is far from fair, period.
Besides there are individuals who allow themselves to write that IT is not for everyone.
Just to kill peoples dreams by letting them to bite this invention and then pulling it out from their mouth or to make them to drop what they intended and become consumers of this system to go back to playing their games and paying for game upgrades and so on while working their 9to5s unlike some because I surely know that IT jobs are a territory which some are protecting because some will say who’s gonna work in production lines and farms and other things we cant be f’d to do so that we have shops full to buy stuff?

There are countless of businesses in which managers has rubbed deep into hierarchy of business structures and who moan that they can’t seem to be finding low paid staff for doing what they can’t be hecked to do just to preserve their higher pay with which people get spoiled and crooked and which leads them to better quality of life by doing less.

And it is driving many to tits that You’re born in world in which some are privileged to write everything to themselves just to sell it to those who cant even afford stuff and live with no land while being left with no options but to borrow what some has simply printed or rubbed in between someones to get it.
And there’s not a poop You could do about it because rotations of positions in businesses never happen so that an individual can step out of biz if someones mouth is foaming and to leave it with more of confidence and exp in order to find something new. Besides anger and histeria of people being alone, pissed off and doomed to be a victim of this systems hierarchy starts to be chucked while it is bursting to left and right in their hopelessness because on one side of the street a latest mercedes benz swerves by about which someone is not even allowed to dream about judging by whats on job advert board while on other side a homeless guy is trying to find food in the trash because they can’t find anyone to communicate with about all of this unfair stuff. And I feel like I am sick of getting s##t from someone in public transport because I looked at someone and been told f###k am i looking at while i keep barely holding down not to chew out holes in their necks from their - what are you looking at?!
Highest layers of cake enjoys family lives at homes and men love their wives while some are doomed to be alone because in this world even love is business and that’s why their cripple faith supports polygamy because many are in need of slaves and to be forced to get used to it as s###ts wont love nobody who is poor to wait for someone to bite their schemas or games while HR’s only care about their income to do the same and wait for when someone will start rocking their games or watching their dead stock of pointless cartoons or movie filled shelves.
There’s no equality in this world, hierarchies one and only commandment is to keep their conscience dead and nailed to cross just as their motherf####d jesus my a## christ which only works as a symbol of fear mongering people and adverse them from uniting against this tyrannic and sarcastic sect in a pact against their slaves while I had a fat poop on fact that I’m not scared of their message of what may happen to me if i’ll keep speaking the truth when I keep meeting a new person for them to know that they’re not alone.- because there’s no other way to show them your true skin instead of to act fear mongered and fear speaking my thoughts so they know I’m on anyones side who is anarchist not the hierarchy side because I am against it.
And that’s why f###kface copper s###s walk with guns because they s##ts feel insecure and knows that they’re support dirty and unfair s###s.
And all of that in order to show that they can disable bits in your system to let you know that they may not want you to become someone who earns money with his or hers creation to lift above their designed rat race and to live how they want carelessly just as those conscienceless people who act as copy cat fatherly figures over masses who are manically obsessed with BS info to stereotype minds or even fear monger them to force function only in favours of those who wrote system while sitting in comfort, money and privileges while judging like they’re anyone to judge what they are doing with their computers that they bought for their own money from acknowledging its potential.
Majority of people are pushed to choose all of the available options to get out of poverty and earn like they’re all not the same but unfortunately every next joint is the same.
Besides I only hope that there’s going to be some global s###t hitting the fan real soon because things are way out of order. And I can only put a fat willy on Blender artists campaign of painting the logos background with blue and yellow which only works as a reminder of what was going on in Ukraine as an outcome of no option left but to pay taxes so that idiots become over obese with their money that they can use permissively while I bet most of them have undiagnosed mental illnesses which are paid off with what they get from people for their “good standing” in society… lol
I may seen something on the screen, but I didn’t see it with my own eyes and there for I believe nothing about it. Because I know for a fact that sect in a pact expands by finding no way of restraining peoples minds like horse informational horse head gear but by showing that you can be outnumbered with over obese egos getting over their own heads while suffering from lack of action and another chance of boasting with riches to provoke and irritate the layer of workhorse slaves.
And yet again, i wont wonder these issues point or are ment to be as threats towards not being able to use what I found and what I find quite amazing.
In fact You can also take everything above as an idea to use files which are programmed to look visually real and presented as real happenings of conflicts in outside countries because they see that probably nobody is calling to Ukraine if they know nobody there to hear a lie that something was going on just as I don’t believe what happened in 9/11.
I think that these things people do to inflict others with negativity and to play on emotions from which some may get ill with cancer for some to prosper from just as their injections of something what my body doesn’t generate and which only means that people are so pathetic that they commit breaches of morality against someone who havent even learned how to walk or talk because they’re under the same law as every one else while holding grudges and spoiling other people to prosper from their hurts while those who mastered their hands to print wealth can’t do a thing about it because it may be out of their competence. I am mature enough to see motives behind anything what gets past my eyes and I’m not fear mongered to act naive and dumb to entertain someone as a clown.
And on top of it all just wanted to write another time that system of education sucks totally because it lacks people being taught from the first grade to the last everything about what medical industry is up to. To prevent minds of handicapping themselves in knowledge before others who are too busy with biting what’s available and not to get to level of poverty while i bet their teeth are grinding in most of the cases by doing so because nothing they can claim as theirs.
And so to prevent people of biting everything what is being thrown at them monologically all through system of education to be used to authoritative approaches in moments when it is too late and they are in pain which works as a factor to accept their procedures. While I only hope this will make some to turn in graves. Because knowledge should be shared and minds should be upgraded equally while it doesn’t happen. And if this would be practiced amongst human beings, more people could be saved in times of accidents as people would know what to do instead of to fall in panic when something happens which potentially could be caused by their grudge holding #sses filling people with trash informationally and physically by cursing them and stressing their parents to believe their statistics gathared in times when none of them monkeys even lived.

Naah, can’t be F’d with. Fresh and crispy.

This doesn’t look very coherent or serious. I’m marking it as solved as this is not a real website issue.

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Yes but it is stressing me out and makes me paranoid that soon I may not even be able to use my pc to work towards my dream and donate something to BA when I’ll start becoming richer and free myself from this mess without any conscience just as too many of others do to stroke the dust off my shoulders and to step into white slippers.
I can always press “Latest” button which does the same. And hit os button to press vol and open the settings. Just thought that someone may know why my windows is messing with my head so badly.

But still this issue makes me think if I could implement these kind of issues in my project because I want to have a PDA gadget to access stuff like map, and other things which could be similar thing as pipboy in fallout. Which could also contain a tab for controlling characters projector drones following distance and position vs player that beams rays on swarms of “some” - mytes which are like tiny nano robots in size smaller than cells that get energy charge like suns energy absorbing screens from the projector beam to get enough energy to form structures that could explain the influence and guide of air flows of releasing pressure from certain valve nozzles. While these issues could be linked to a programming skill which I dream to implement. Because these issues then could be linked to appliance of some magnetic waves which leave some impact on PDAs and Projectors of opposing force by inflicting them with malfunctions for using theirs. Because those some “mytes” may be self reproduction technology left behind by some life forms to sustain and maintain other forms of life and nature on a strange planet in the middle of new found galaxy which was found by a swarm of humanity after leaving earth because some started a global conflict on earth to become biggest known secret gang known to man kind in circles of their trust in order to build stuff bigger than NASA people allowed themselves to achieve by gathering enough materials to build their underground bases secretly until many structures has been finished to leave this planet and form a big ship in space to get away from this world suffering from corruption and fear monger in which people value others with less value of a guinea pig to be filled with trash all through generations just because some love to practice sadism to act like they treat and cure like most of peoples pathological problems are not because of it. And then basically turned out that Some - “mytes” function in favour of those who spread light for them to absorb energy to function after human beings learned how to communicate through their unique language to interact and manipulate with technological type of nano virus which lived on that planet as its highest form of intellect while being neutral until charged with light to help it function more efficiently as light would take them out from their hibernation regimes.
And maybe that could be that bit of semi BS needed to make some sense for possibility of models to e change shapes by some “myte” intrusion into bodies to stretch and restructure them to implement upgrades which may seem like mutations to fight against enemies because the swarm of people eventually had to split in ideologies because there were books of faith smuggled by some
which kept interpreting them to crook others in order to form what the swarm of humans got sick of to leave in the first place.
Reality sucks too bad to pay any attention of what is going on apart of my blender stuff…

Correction of the setence occured. No affiliation with Blender Foundation / Blender Institute / or Ton the master himself.

I hardly believe that Ton is real, just as many other people and stuff I’ve seen on the screen no matter how it is presented for me to look at, because I don’t pay any attention to general media at all nor I am drawing any lines between a news channel or cartoon network. I only soak in blender and trying to watch tutorials about Python and nothing more while banging bongos on fruityloops to steer my thoughts away from negativity and unfair stuff in life which only irritates my nerves. It’s all pretty much a mashup of junk to fill your head with in order to stereotype and adverse in cases :smiley: Ton could weigh two tonnes data wise and could be a product of many who keep pursuing and polishing programming stuff which has been invented years before some have even been born to give credit to one in this generation. Just like many other things in this quite strange life.
There could be many people who became actors or rappers because they’ve seen robots on screens. Imagine how some may be cracking behind the scenes because some have been pulled by their “wannabe” thingy and bit an image. And maybe thanks to Cthulhu the Deer God that I am trying hard to find myself and shake out all of the excess which may have left any impact in my mentality after being a cabbage with tv set at home realizing that it is quite cool. :rofl:

I’m shutting this nonsense down.