Is't possible?

Is’t possible to modeling from a video or can i only do that with pictures? If so how?

With background images you can use movie files, single images or sequences of images.

Ok, but then it’s the orginal video/picture or?

What i’m doing is creating a game enviroment and i’m trying to make it look almost the same as the real place…

Video or picture? Is up to you. Modeling from a picture or video. I don’t understand . Do you want to model something or a video background. model from anything. Video background- world button- texture button- image or movie- select movie under image you have some settings to set.

I don’t see how a video would be useful as a modelling reference. Maybe as a reference for animation, but modelling? I get the distinct feeling there’s a misunderstanding here somewhere.

What i want to do, is creating a enviroment that is more or less the same as in real life for a game. What would work best then?

Being a damn good artist for one thing.

Seriously though, it’s not like Blender will magically model your environment for you just because you throw a video at it. You might use the camera tracking branch from this year’s GSOC to get some reference points for positions, but you still have to do all the work yourself. If you want to faithfully recreate a real environment you need to photograph, measure and document one object at a time and model it one object at a time from the reference material you’ve gathered. It’s a major project, and much more difficult to do than modelling from scratch.