Just a quick note.
This is my final year project.
Blender was primarily used for all modeling and editing,. Also used it for some UV mapping and to bake ambient occlusion.
I would have used it for more but I had a lot of trouble with the rigging/animation tools.
I don’t know whether this is coincidence or not but at the time of making my animatic I noted blender’s editor could not speed up or slow down video clips. I mentioned this briefly to members of the community and low and behold the next release of blender had this feature. I imagine a lot of people must have requested this.
Good Job!

Wow, first to comment :yes:

Really nice modelling & animating!
Just a thought: should the piano not sound worse considering it’s bad state?


One of the most beautiful animations I’ve seen.
The theme could be translated as a god’s creation, in my eyes. Sacrifice for new life.

Great job!

Very nice work you made here. Lovely message, a phoenix couldn’t have done better.

Something that should be noted is that the codec you used gives an awful result when viewing it with quicktime (which is standard in firefox for mpg or at least here it is) VLC and WMP plays it like a charm.

you got a handful of stars.

Wonderful thing. Love the message.

Exceptionnal !
A beautiful animation, nice message, well sequenced, true characters…
A true masterpiece !

Well done !

awesome! great concept and beautiful execution! the animating is spot-on. i think the phoenix/spirit and player could benefit from some lighting contrast color-wise.
excellent work.

I thought it was great. Nice job.

I’m speechless :eek:

This is really wonderful. Too bad it’s not made entirely with Blender, anyway I’m quite sure Blender could achieve such a result.

Congrats !

love it!
the character design is fantastic!
timing and camera work, top notch.


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Wow! What a touching piece of work.

The only crit I would have is that perhaps the colors are a bit too bleak. But then again, maybe they should be bleak. So… maybe I have no crits :slight_smile:

However, you should update your original post with the proper URL, and maybe add a screenshot. Maybe more blenderartists visitors would notice this then… since I’m really surprised there aren’t more responses.

i almost gave up trying to download this. i had my mouse over the close button then happened to notice the post saying the file had moved.

will comment when the download has finished, but like the other poster said, you really should update the original post with the new link.

just watched the video.

i keep a folder with inspiring images and short films on my desktop. it’s been a while since i’ve added anything to it, but this is going in.


Absolutely beautiful! 5 stars, and it deserves the gallery.

I look forward to seeing more fantastic work from you in the future!

That was just pretty. The animation of the piano playing was so luid looking, propably one of the best looking movements I’ve seen done in Blender.

The charater details were good too and the editing and music was great.

That is done so so well. Even aside from the modelling, lighting, rendering etc, it’s put together like a really great film. The sound is fantastic too. Full marks :slight_smile:

Definitely a beautiful work of art. 6 stars, and easily gallery material on any app-agnostic forum.

Maybe it won’t go to the gallery (I’m not a mod, so I may be wrong) because it didn’t use Blender for all 3D stuff. It can sound unfair on your case, but as this is a Blender-related forum I can understand the reasons: imagine if someone make an outstanding animation on another 3D app and use Blender just for, say, 1% of the work.

But from an app-agnostic, artistic point of view, it definitely deserves gallery, as it’s a superb work.

Congrats on your graduation. With this work you would get a good job easily.