It has happened! Bmesh is now in Trunk

Yes it has finally happened, after 4-5 long years, bmesh is now merged into Trunk :smiley:

so any builds on trunk will now be using bmesh and the next release will be bmesh based :smiley:

this will also mean that the next release cycles will be longer then normal to make sure bmesh is both stable and bug free(ish)

congrats to everyone :cool:

I just broke my build env. >_< this gonna help me fix it quickly tonight I wanna see bmesh.

I don’t know who to thank! so I thank you in the order of Joe Eagar for initally carrying this alone! and 1000 of thanks to Campbell Barton for his major effort to get it to this state and into trunk. And that ‘anonymous’ duck dude who wishes to be anon !! thanks for patches and stuf.

Will official Blender 2.63 release take place sooner then we expected? When will it happen?

And we need a new thread… why?

oh no! i don’t like bmesh!

I hope this is a joke

bmesh in trunk? yes

currently box modeling like crazy…


It will be a normal release cycle. The proposed date is 8 april.

y no like bmesh?

** sorry couldn’t resist gifs it’s to awesome.

Only a fool does not want bmesh…

if someone doesnt know what bmesh is.

its something that will make blender in 12-24 months the best modeling software. blender will be able to have every modeling tool possible. the sky is the limit.

Bmesh+remesh. Dream is going to be a real.

Wow, I remember reading about this idea long ago when it was just simply an idea/pipe dream. How incredible

I agree with all the others that describe it as good news.

Now someone can tell Farsthary that his “waiting for Bmesh” unlimited clay integration can go ahead among other things.

I don’t think UC will be finished anyway, it was passed to Bishop.

I think those where two different projects, Nicholas Bishop’s was based on a different paper. And Nicholas Bishop has good record of finishing his projects and getting them into trunk.

There is no point in having two different projects, only one of them will reach trunk.
And Bishops approach looks better.

now we can make something professional in blender(where is endi)…lol

-Seriously spectacular news!