It Is Finished

Latest art piece: took around two weeks and may be used for our website.

“Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” Mark 15:38

So… what is it?

Reminds me of Jesus! :smiley: You are just missing the Cherebum!

blueguy, look closely in the “Holy of Holies”.
I added the reference at the bottom for those that don’t know.

I appreciate the thought that went into this. However, the Ark of the Covenant was missing since the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and was no longer around during the time Jesus was on earth.

I know, artistic license people! Why else would His blood/water be running down the veil?:wink:
I only did what I was told, so you’d have to take this up with my “boss” that told me how to do it.

I am really impressed with this. Roofoo, the curtain that you see took something like 10 people to open in. It was a veil, but was pulled away by Jesus. He broke down the barrier between man and God. He is the Holy of Holies. He is the way the truth and the life.

Also the Ark Of The Covenant is a picture of him. Inside of it is the law, and the budding rod of Aaron, and the Manna from Heaven. Jesus is the true bread from Heaven. He is the Law. He is the chosen priest. As a Christian, we are the Ark Of The Covenant. We who have Jesus in us. :slight_smile:

Great to see other Christians on here! I can’t say a lot for the model, though. This thing has so much potential, and I think it has been ruined by bad textures. They’re like, N64 quality. Sorry, man, but I’ve seen better.

I wouldn’t call this finished by a long shot. Put more effort and have a title for this thread.

The title of the piece is “It Is Finished”, not necessarily the thread. The curtains are difficult to convey the weight of the original veil in the temple (hence, the miracle when it tore from top to bottom when Jesus died). I think the look RedJay is going for is stylized and not necessarily realistic.

Only true if @ndy made this piece. I’m just worried that he will become as cyborg dragon boy that thinks that he has a style and that style is ugly.

Its for his own good that he makes it look nice. Not realistic but nice to look at. This is not nice to look at.

If you all people go “Yes this is nice” , you’ll just make him think that he’s on the right track.

Does anyone even watch Naruto. " I’ll train harder! "

Bigbad, do you have anything better to do then act like a cyber bully towards certain people?

He doesn’t have years of experience with Blender, stop ripping apart his work before I turn you in to a bullying hotline.

Only true if @ndy made this piece

So you’re playing favorites by claiming you’d give @ndy a free ride, that’s pretty much on the side of bias.

I’m just worried that he will become as cyborg dragon boy that thinks that he has a style and that style is ugly.

Again, you have all the hallmarks of a cyber bully like those who do nothing but pick on people in their Myspace pages, even you have admitted you like a few things I have made.

Don’t you dare start anything here, you two.




Now wait a minute CD, I woudn’t call what BigBad said, cyberbullying he is only trying to offer some constructive critisism and rightfully is discouraging people from saying something looks good when it obviously needs a little more work. And although I think it was a little harsh for him to single you out, you do tend to be a little full of yourself and very unaccepting of critisisim. Also once again you are shifting the topic to something else.

Anyways, back to the purpose of the topic, I really like the concept of the design you are coming up with and I recognize that you may not have as much experience as some others but your textures do look very “N64ish” (mostly because it appears you used the same procedual texture on both the walls and floor.) I think you should spend a little more time enhacing them. You might also try using some AO, as your scene is very bright and lacks shadow. I really hope I don’t sound too harsh I am only trying to help you get better.

Agreed, the piece looks okay in my opinion, needs some AO and not too keen about the menorah and the blue in the curtain.

Don’t you agree with me, CD, I am not on your side and your pretense of sudden rationality does not impress me. Afalldorf, do not engage him. Bigbad, you should’ve known better.

EDIT For the record I am not on anyone’s side here except for the side of don’t any of you dare.

@Zombie Sorry…:o

Hey I forgot to say Its good to see so many christian benderheads!
And yes I know that was off topic but I forgot to mention it in the above post because of all of the negativity.

You said you wouldn’t want me to continue with what I said, were you expecting something else? Sorry if I couldn’t read what you were trying to mean.:confused:

I said I wouldn’t continue with what I was saying.

I agree with Bigbad. This piece has potential, but it needs a lot more work.

Lack of shadows being the most obvious flaw, and textures that look like had about 5 minutes spent on them.

What’s with people insisting that a sub-par work is ‘stylized’? (Dont’ take this personally, RedJay)
I can respect the work that went into it, but the difference between ‘stylized’ and ‘I didn’t-spend-enough-time-on-this’ is pretty obvious.

With only a little more work, you could take this work a lot farther.

Yeah nice to see them all!