It is NeoCon time again - working on brochure rendering now.

After having worked on the furniture last year, it is getting time now to get the promotional material ready for NeoCon and I can do the renderings as well :wink:

This is the initial photo reference to rebuild - minus the yellow film tint.

And this are some of the render explorations. I use the current portal light build to speed up rendering noise.

Looking good - do you have more shots you have to prepare than this, or just the one?

I have a complete brochure I have to do and 3 furniture lines … need more GPU power NOW !!!

I wonder if this is the better POW to show the material to prospective customers. I mean we don’t realy see a lot of the chair this way.

The render looks very good and the ultra minimalistic room make sens as the point is to show the furniture.

I have no problems using CPU here for now since I can’t use GPU yet until the patch for OpenCL makes it into master. But I do like what you have so far, please do update.

Here is I guess close to finale pre-rendering. Might adjust the window frame color. Blown out too much. Might add a light to the left of the table for better contrast. Cycles paired with the view port gamma exposure camera look and RGB curve is a ficken amazing thing. To bad that you cannot render it into EXR and then afterwards play with those settings. Grrrr

EDIT: here a version with a changed wood frame color so the window frame is not blown out so much