It is possible 3D for model to use in own commercial games?

Question: it is possible 3D model made in blender to use in the commercial game.What do I am oblige to make with model?
To make it generally available?
It is possible 3D to use model in the closed commercial code, but model to lay out in the free access for example on the site having specified that model made thanks to blender.
If it is impossible 3D model made in blender to use in the commercial game.
that I 2D can use sprites made of 3D models to use in the commercial game?

Yes, you can use things created within Blender in your commercial project, and Blender is free software. (Your English isn’t good, and I’m not sure I understood.) You cannot sell parts of Blender, but you CAN sell 3d items MADE with Blender.

Actually, you can sell Blender, the only catch is that you have to provide the source code because of the viral nature of the license.

However, a model, image, ect… is considered ‘data’ and is not subject to the GPL, so sell them all you want.