it just does not feel right...

i cant really figure out why, i think it looks great, but it still looks wrong…

made it in just over a day, looking for critical feedback.

a bit dark you might want to move the gama point


could be the pose, the character doesnt look at all balanced, Even for someone who just threw something :slight_smile:
the characters silhouette doesnt portray the motion or pose intended… so the character will look slightly off balance / confusing in form and detail.

I wonder how you rendered the character. It almost looks like you pasted clipart in your render.
I think I don’t see the character making any shadows, so it doesn’t integrate in the scene well.
The lights seems not to do much as being white and having glow. See … the green rock outside receives the same amount of light as those rockblocks close to the lights. Seems to me that you are using the blender game engine to render, could that be ?

no im using cycles, and i see what you mean with the lights not affecting the surroundings. ill have a look at that.

and the character is a part of the render, not pasted. ill also see what i can do about the balance.