It, Robot. [Updated on Wednesday, July 28th]

Well this little guy has quite a while to go before completion, but I thought I’d share him with you. He is fully rigged, which I’m having quite a bit of fun with. Anyhow, here he is, in all of his environmentless AO glory.

I like it so far. Really nice design you have going.

Keep us updated.


Here is an update. I’m working on the details. Any suggestions for neat stuff for a little robot of his stature? I’ll happily add good suggestions for new details into the model.

cool model, how about somthing to help him move around, maybe some type of hover thing on its feet, or maybe little jets, wheels just seem too plain and a step back in technology for this guy

nice details! My advice is to pick two joints at least and make them universal or ball joints, esp. the ankle joint. He’ll have a hard time moving without this.
Good work though! good execution and evolution of details, I like that you’re working from a foundation and cutting in detail as you go.

I was actually thinking he’d be really awkward and have to jump everywhere. It could make a funny animation.

I’ll consider jets or the like as well.

Thanks for the comments.

Well, you big jerks, I just finished modelling his wireless access and what did he find on Elysiun? Criticism on his physique. He is quite sensitive. He says that he can hop better than you’ll ever dream of, and that if you aren’t nice he’ll hop right onto your head. Actually, he’s making me model him sharp feet. You really upset him. Don’t let his tough facade fool you though, he mostly just cried:

Anyhow, I promised to make him float as well, at which he perked right up and explained that he was actually quite proud of his hop, though he does plan to fly occasionally. He wanted to good a good look at the big meanies who criticised him, so here he is peering out at you.

Haha, reminds me of Luxo Jr, that old Pixar film… only for the 22nd century! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I decided that some of the details were detracting to the model, so I remodeled the details. Here is the result:

i dunno, I liked some of those details. Gave it character and all… but yer call in the end eh?

wow, i love it :o
He’s just like the pixar lamp, lol
loads of character in it

ya was that your inspiration? it is alright - you don’t have to be ashamed you got your idea from that - i do it all the time! in fact i have seen many things modeled after things i’ve seen while searching on google! keep it up can’t wait to see it finished! :wink:

Looks great. The material on the body/neck is awesome.



A neurotic Robot!

nice project anogarir. Where’s the joint so he can turn his neck?

Look forward to seeing the animation.