It´s a Me

I keep working on this project, and here is a new update.

This has been harder than I thought, Modeling hard surfaces is a bit easier for Me, I have to say this is all BOX modeling

The last update before go final, Still a lot of work to do, the eyes are still not there.

A new update:

I think I like cycles render a bit more :
Eevee render.
Some previous renders and after some camera adjustments.


Just an update!

Some updates renders!

I just tried to model using 2.8 and it is very nice to be able to edit several meshes at once, Eevee is very quick indeed.
I think I am almost done with Mario TOY version, now I will try some modifications.

An update to show my “progress”, I have been making a lot of tests, still a lot of work to do though.

I have been having a lot of trouble with the eyes, I´m not so good with gimp, anyway, I know I will get those right. Thank You amigos.

nice work so far,
but he seems too gloosy !

Thank You Alfo, I adjusted some things and added others, I am almost done, I will work on this some hours the next days, I am thinking about a proper composition for this model.

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I decided to go the whole run and model the body.

It was supoosed to be finished to this day but I have been busy in other projects, anyway, I hope to improve it and finish it soon.

Today I advanced a litlle bit this model, I have had very little time these days to work on it, I remade some meshes and modified the particle system but I have to make some modifications to it. Good Bye.

This is a lot of work but in the end i hope it will be worth it, There are a lot of things to do but at least I am advancing some how.

Here we go!, another update to this project, I think it will get finished next week.