It seams silly to do it, but...

(locutus) #1

When I first opened my site, I put up a topic saying that I had just opened it, I got a huge burst of visitors and feedback, that has gone down, probably because the topic is’nt on the front page.
Anyway, since the Blender campaign and stuff, I decided to put up the address again, so the people who missed it the first time can come and visit.
Star Trek: Blender: The site dedicated to providing Blender users with large, detailed starship models, converted from other formats and ready to be opened up in Blender, with all the materials and textures ready to be rendered and animated. The site also includes a huge gallery and whole lot of tutorials.
Come now and go boldly where no Blender user has gone before…
Thanks alot,
Rashid Al-Marri.

(S_W) #2

Your site is awesome! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep it up!

(syndic3d) #3

Your site is good! I have downloaded some models and they look great on Blender! In addition, the tutorials are great! They are really well informed and greatly structured. Thanks!

(overextrude) #4

Excellent collection of models, and it’s cool because it caters to a specialized interest. Is that a poser model used for the nav menu?

One thing- on the Models page, where it says “Borg Collective,” I was expecting to see a model of the Microsoft logo, or Gates himself. :smiley:

(locutus) #5

I’ not exactly sure what you mean by poser model on the menu, I think you mean the image of Captain Johnathan Archer (Scott Bakula), it’s a real photo, not 3D or anything (I’m not that good!). But if you mean the icons, believe it or not, they were all done in Blender!
I was worried that people wouldn’t know what the icon on the Links page is meant to be, it’s supposed to be a Changling (or two) in Liquid state, symbolising “The Great Link”.
Incase you were wondering who Captain Johnathan Archer is, he’s the captain on the new Star Trek series, Enterprise. I’m such an obsessed fan, that I put his picture up before I had even seen an episode of the series!
Thanks for your comments,
Rashid “Locutus” Al-Marri

(A2597) #6

hmm…you could perhaps add a link to the NX-01 that I converted?
(It is made by Kenny_Z, in MAX, and matches if not passes the origenal model! Converted to Blender under great scrutiny by Kenny_Z, it is of the same quality as the origenal).

You would have to have a link to an outside website, as he has it hosted on his site, although he may allow you to put it on your site.

be forwarned,its 8 megs in size. (All in a packed Blend file)

I have a pic of it here…
(DL the model here:)

See pic of it here:

(Please bear in mind that is an OLD pic, and doesnt really show off the details of the model, if anything, it hides the details)

lessee…ahh, my schematic of her:

(Both pics in blender, 100%)