it seem that...

(Ecks) #1

…the weekend challenge is not as popular as before…

Maybe it’s because some of you don’t didn’t know it was reopen? or what?

(blengine) #2

i think it just lost some momentum, but i think it will return in time 8)

(Bapsis) #3

You know, iv been meaning to participate, but usualy by the time i hear about the contest and reminded, its already like Saturday!!! :wink:
I usually dont keep track of days, so it kind of sneaks up on me, whats today…sheesh, saturday again, i’ll try and make the effort next week!!! :wink:
I do, however, think that these contest are a brilliant idea, a little friendly competition can only motivate us to become better Blenderheadz. I mean, look what it did for the space race!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(haunt_house) #4

i just don’t want to hurt myself at the moment, so I am off.