It took six months, but it is complete! A spoof on Verizon Customer service

Hi everyone,
Some of you know me as a Voice Over Actor, which I most definetely am that is why I decided to learn Blender and make this 3d video featuring Andy Mack and I .

Please subscribe, like, comment, plus one, whatever! I learned a lot from other blender-heads who know a ton more than me and wouldn’t have had to spend two weeks rewriting x y and z axis’s for 500 frames.

You still need a LOT of practice.

Unfortunately the poor animation makes this difficult to watch. Also if you’re trying to show off your voice talent you should maybe stick to something more terrestrial and easier to follow.

I know I need more practice. I had the mouth movements pretty darn good, but then I had to remove a few things and the timing got out of place. I made a new animation that is quite good. I am good at drawing UFOS and other objects.