It Worked!


Well, I fought with this garbage for a good week or two. Finally, one of the moderators, Blendenzo, posted a very helpful response to a forum concerning a similar problem. Here are some screenshots of the running animation in the GE. Thanks to ionee for sticking with me! :smiley: Screenshots below. Remember, the emphasis here is not on those ugly seams, it’s on the fact that I was finally able to animate this cat! :slight_smile:


well done!!

That’s actually a great model!

With glsl it’d look 200% better!

What’s that, yo? :spin:



GLSL: OpenGL Shading Library

And while GLSL can make your games look great, its only after quite a few steps of work. His character has a very nice clean look too it, like an illustration. Adding lights, normal maps, and specularity can open a lot of potential problems.

@ Rozzy: Click

DUDE! Is this for real? Anything I want to type in will come up? Awesome! :evilgrin:…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah…that’s too much for me right now. lol. I’m still noobish to all of this. Thanks…:smiley: