It would be helpful if some French-speaking Blender user creates pronunciation animation in Blender

I guess I am not the only one having difficulties in accurately pronouncing all the French vowels that do not exist in English, like /œ/ or /ø/. Existing materials are not very helpful, in my opinion. A video that shows the mouth of a French person pronouncing them is not good enough, because I can only see the exterior of the mouth. The up-side-down trapezoid diagram looks like an enigma to me. Sometimes they have a cross-section diagram of the mouth, but this is also difficult to understand the shape of the mouth.

What I wonder is that if someone who knows French and Blender created a 3D animation of those pronunciations, and show both the outside, inside, and the tougue movements, it would be very helpful for foreigners to understand the correct way of pronunciation.

difficult to learn how to on a screen !

peut etre plus facile de passer un peut de temps dans une ville francaise comme Paris ou Montreal et apprendre avec de vrai personnes parlant le Francais !

bonne chance
happy bl

I second @RickyBlender in that it’s best to just go out there and practice…

French is proof to me that English spelling ain’t so bad.

Or watch movies in french if travel restrictions don’t allow it.

Yeah languages are the result of so much history, most I know are a quasi-chaotic layering of rules, exceptions and exceptions to the exceptions. This is what happens when civilisations collide in a short span of time. Latin meets germanic, celtic kinda bleeds onto the mix, and a handful of people scattered in time try making some sense out of it. Nice performance I think.