It would be Nice!

Does anyone know were or can send me a .Blend of the game called “Squish The Bunny”

I know I’m not being helpful here, but I really suggest you buy the Blender GameKit. On it, you’ll have a cd that’ll contain many sample blender games and “squish the bunny” as well. It’s a good $25 well spent, :wink: plus you’ll be contributing to further fund Blender development. It’ll save a lot of time and hassle trying to figure things out on your own as well.

Jason Lin

I would like to but they dont sell the magazine/book where i live i asked the person at chapters and theyre like " we might get it in" so i like check every month and they never have it!

AND my parents wont let me order it online or though any ordering!

Wow, sorry to hear. That’s gotta be quite tough. Hmm, but maybe you could convince your parents to let you order online. Well maybe you know someone who can order online. Just ask them to help you and pay them back later on.

Jason Lin

Um, Squish the bunny is copyrighted by the people who made the gamekit, so i’m pretty sure asking for it to be uploaded for you is kinda illegal…


ya i realized that!