Italian bathroom

Recreating my old render representing bathroom furniture and accessories in Italian interior.
Blender 2.91 + CYCLES + Photoshop.


wow really nice I want to learn how to get this realistic result in bathroom
any tip or channel
I’m working with a tile shop and I want to get the tile been realistic in my design
sorry for my bad English

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Thank you for visiting this post :slight_smile:
Well basically I based on my experience because daily I’m making bathroom interiors focused on product like shower encloses or bathtubs and so on, where tiles are only in background.
If I can give you some advice try make more contrasted scene with gradients between dark and bright areas and let the tiles reflect some lights or environment.
Regarding to tiles these are my favorite:

P.S. Don’t worry about your English :slight_smile:
P.S.2 If you will have more questions about overall workflow just write :slight_smile:


Its good advice and I will try it but there are some problems
in my country, we make small windows so You can’t take advantage of the sunlight in the scene
and I’m still bad in lighting but this is some of my other results
In this one I make the light and the render

here is my other design

in my work, they say it’s not very good and my friends and other designers have another opinion

Hey, we are still consistent with title of this post :slight_smile:
Can you post some viewport screens with all lights that you used in scenes?
So if you don’t have any window or windows are very small you can use extra artistic lights. Every photographer doing interiors shots add many artistic lights that doesn’t exist in real light.

Please visit this channel:

Especially something like:

When I’m making bathroom without window shot I’m trying use IES lights and extra mesh light with gradient map that give me soft reflections. Every bathrom has door so we can leave it open that introduce some ambient soft light to our interior and so on. But as I wrote before please send some breakdown screens and maybe we can make it better together.

Second thing is object shading issues and materials, but light first.

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I saw the video it was so good really
and sorry for my late
this is 3 bathroom 1 without window and another one with it



  1. For first shot bathroom with window:
    Generally speaking I think that lightning is too flat. Light from outside should be brighter and causes nice gradient between exterior and interior, letting also blue colors appear. Lights inside has specific temperature color in Kelvin. I usually prefer 3500-4800 K (warm lights). Of course in postproduction you can setup right white balance.
    To use IES profiles please change spot lights to point lights and using nodes put some nice IES profiles to lights. You can cheat and add some extra IES lights to make brighter some areas far from window. Someone who watch on your renderings will think that this light coming from window, etc.
    If light comes opposite from camera you will get nice reflections. If light comes from the same direction as camera you will get flat overall light without shadows.
  2. Shot without window:
    Please use IES profiles for lights and increase their power. Let some ambient light from open door come inside. Please don’t set the same power for ceiling lamps because you will get whole floor with the same brightness.

Please send some viewport renderings after changes.
Here you can download some IES profiles for lights:

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Thank u so much yes I will send the bathroom with new updates

omg you are the creator of this amazing render, I love your works, I have seen this a lot of time ago, I love how you works, literally you are an inspiration for me. thank you very much sharing this job

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Thank you!


Hi, I’ll continue this in right place: