Italian espresso!

Hi to everyone!
I would like to show you my first “artwork” and to know what do you think about it.

welcome to elysiun!

That’s verys nice! i like the choise of textures. good work on the modeling too :slight_smile: . Maybe you could add steam, that i think could be possible with particles. i know almost nothing about those so i cant help you there.


Thanks hafunui, I’ll try to add steam.
someone know how I can do it?

a second version . . . .

you might be able to do it without particles, but then again, i’ve never done steam before.

Here they talk about particles. experiment with it.

I ought to study particles too. (don’t know why i havnt :-? )

Good addition to Version 2 :smiley:

for being espresso, it looks awfully lot like tea??


for being espresso, it looks awfully lot like tea??

It look like this 'couse I tried to make the cream that come from a good italian espresso machine, like you can see here (in the top left corner)

“Blender Sugar”… I’m on that sugar high!

fambros, very nice piece for your first post! Welcome! I especially like the table cloth texture…

basse, I dunno from where you are but in Italy (land of espresso :smiley: )the steam of a good espresso it’s reeeeeeally dense and reeeeeally similar to the fambros one.

I like very much this blend.

I did something similar a while back, but the coffe color looks wrong, as it is supposed to be black coffe, but I couldn’t figure out how to do dark translucents. Look here:

Nice work by the way, and not bad for you first “real” art!

Note: I am still working on my coffee cup.

I like your materials.

Oh sh**, now I feel like having a coffee :smiley: (but it’s 11:15pm… I shouldn’t)
Very good job, I especially like the 2nd one (maybe because the coffee is less orange)

The dark spots on the table are a bit strange… coffee stains ?

Wow, that really does look good enough to drink. :slight_smile:

Coffeeee… :o

Thanks to everyone,

is good to know that you like my work

ok, that is quite good for a first image. Much better then my first. Nice job on the spoon material.

well, I’m from the land where we drink the stuff as black as it gets :slight_smile:

anyways, my mistake, I can see it now.


cant get enough of that blender sugar!

What about a cup of Blender, with some logolike sugar and a little taste of orange and blue. MMmh Yeah 1 cu of Blender please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great render, I really like that one. You’re going to submit it for the next splashscreen? I realy would like to see this one in 2.37 :smiley: