Italian motorcycle logo (WIP)...

(olaf) #1

Hello to all you “blending” People,

I like italian motorcyles especially the Ducati 916,996, and 748 ones. I had an accident last year with my Duc 748 Biposto,
but i hope i can buy a second-hand bike next year.
So as a displcament i created this nice Logo (worked through a tutorial from the ‘Blender Guide 2.0’ <= great Book !!!).
What do you think? Any ideas to improve this rendering?

Nice day to all of you.

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(STEMax) #2


This is a cool logo…Maybe you can turn on OSA (Anti aliasing…),and smooth the background mesh (“D” and “O”)…

But good work so far…

(olaf) #3

Thanks STEMax for comments,

the OSA-Button was always pushed on and I also pushed the ‘SetSmooth’ Botton in the Edit-Buttons but it takes no effect to the Rings and the “D”. So i decided to turn on ‘SubSurf’ in the Edit-Buttons with a value of “2”, that works great for the rings but it looks ugly for the “D”. Any tips?..

See ya, Olaf.

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(olaf) #4

Hey Blendermaniacs,

just made an update of the Logo. Have a look at:

any comments, suggestions?..

Ciao Olaf.

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(blengine) #5

whoa dude, nice! your textures and lighting is great, good job