Italian style

Bottle of olive oil and vinegar, garlic and herbs.
Tell me your suggestions(something better than render it for more passes).

Teach me how to:
-make leaves more realistic
-make wooden floor look more cool especially at closer range
-add more volume to glass

Thank you

This is magnificient.
I think you could work on the colour of the plant in the background: i find the green too saturated, especially compared to the mint.
The glass is too perfect too: I’d add a slight noise displacement to make it less factory-perfect.

I think your both suggestions are right, gonna work on it, thanks.

Clay render

This is a really nice still life render, I kind of think the wood planks that form the table are a little too rough, and like someone else mentioned the plant in the cup could maybe use some tweeks. But makes me want to have a salad tonight…

Ok thanks, working on it :smiley:

Very nice. I would tweak your lighting, it looks like its naturally lite but maybe the colors off, not sure lighting isn’t my forte but i would recommend a slight tweak.
As for the wood planks. Model them individually only takes a moment and nothing beats the real thing.