Italian style

Bottle of olive oil and vinegar, garlic and herbs. Blender 2.66, cycles and lots of Photoshop.

Above image is edited, now with less DOF artifacts and affecting transparent areas.

After many critiques on DOF I finally re-render it with cycles’s actual DOF, here it is:

As always, here is the file to download on Blendswap, enjoy :
Thank you.

There’s a pleasant feeling of matter in that rendering. Nice textures! I don’t believe that much in “caps” (is that the right word?),

Very nice render!
I love the composition of it and the colors, it feels very serene and peaceful.
The reflections, looks and caustics of the liquids are great.

well, italian olive oil (extravergine) is more on a green tone. That looks more like “vin santo”

Seriously, you job is complete and I see no fault. Texturing, hi res, lighting, dos, and the whole scene is perfectly setup for me. Cheers

Thank you very much everyone :yes:

Beautiful render!
Compliments from Italy :wink:

I have tried hard to get that color right, it was the most time consuming part of it in fact. I have improved it even more, please take a look at updated image and let me know.
Here is what I tried to replicate:

Well, then you really got close to the reference image. Nonethless good old italian oil is kinda greenish
Maybe the wood could be polished.
btw, really a nice job

I realy love it. It’s great.
The image conveyed a very pleasant atmosphere and a good mood.
But maybe the pepper in the foreground is placed a little bit too accurate…

Simple and yet hauntingly beautiful, I like models, shaders and light setup. The only thing that bothers me is DOF which seems to be made in postproduction. Blurred area in the lower part of the image gets sharp too soon and I don’t understand why didn’t you include all the object in your focus range. Nevertheless it looks nice, especially the first impression is really good.

Yes it is done in postproduction, I tried to keep all of them in focus but I found it better this way. Again, I tried to replicate this- .

As always, here is the file on Blendswap, enjoy :

Very simple scene but done so nicely. Good job mate and 5*'s from me.

in my opinion, the DOF seems a bit unrealistic…cant put my finger on exactly what’s wrong with it though
but i love the leaves! :slight_smile:

Looks great!

My only critique if if any…
maybe would look a little better with some more colors.
Say a few red or blue berries? some grapes?
maybe the edge of a hand towel coming into the scene with a floral pattern?

but it does look really good.

this is great :slight_smile:


Nice suggestion, May be I will create another scene with those stuffs in :smiley: .

well, i was about to do this same image on blender, never had the time tho… LOL what are the chances of this happening!

gj. The depth of field looks awkward tho, was it done by z-depth?

Common seriously? This is ridiculous, I found a picture that is beautiful and not so famous, you still found it, thanks for not doing it anyway.
And people are complaining too much about DOF, Yes it is via zpass and I am gonna re-render it with actual DOF enabled(which I don’t like at all), PS does it fine for me, If you observe at the actual pixels size it’s fine, you can state some weird anta-aliasing when you zoom than the actual size which is due to post dof obviously. Other than that I don’t know how you people can see it. Whenever I create something people like everything but blur(last time it was motion blur), I swear next time I am gonna do a render without any blur, fool focus.