Italic_ --- Sketchbook

First personal post I’ve made in a while, so here it goes!

I’ve been taking classes for the last couple years, and this is from this summer’s perspective class. It’s only pencil so far, but inking is due tomorrow, so that will be up when I get it finished and scanned. More details are being added, so this is not the final pencil rough, just a WIP.

Pardon the blood smear…

I may not post very often, but I am working, guaranteed. I’ve got animation, digital sketches, traditional sketches, and other… things… that I’ve been working on lately. Might post some…

g’day, blenderheads.


good to see someone learning the fundamentals :slight_smile: it is a fun journey and very rewarding, too … i am looking forward to see more of your studies

Finished my line inking for now. Might put in some extra detail objects like backpacks or suitcases before shading. My plan is to do some atmospheric perspective in the background and under the train for smoke, so there isn’t a lot of detail there. And I’m still awful at ovals.

Next assignment is to shade it with Prismacolor markers. We’ll see how well I can pull off atmo with markers…

This is the pencil rough of my 2-point perspective. Just starting inking after posting, so no more changes to large shapes. I can still add small details here and there.

Inking will be uploaded tonight when it’s done.

EDIT: Added my final inked version.

G’day, blenderheads.

Finally finished values on both of my previous assignments.



EDIT: Substituted my 2-point with the final version after post in Photoshop.

Also working on some animation here and there. This was done in Flash Professional over the course of a couple days.

You’ll see more 2D animation in the future.

Some recent perspective pieces. Haven’t had much time to work on anything else since this class began…

Reflectivity in 2-point.

2-point vertical.

It’s been a while and I’ve done quite a bit of work since my 2-point. Let’s have an update, shall we?


Roughed in pencil, vectorized in Illustrator, figures and reflection warping in Photoshop.

5-point fisheye

Roughed in pencil, inked with micron pens, camera in Illustrator, overlay and crop in Photoshop.

My final assignment for perspective. Values were optional, but I had a lot of time, so I gave it a shot.




Roughed in pencil, inked with micron pens, post in Photoshop, values in Photoshop. This is easily the most painting I’ve done digitally so far, and it was quite a learning experience, especially where I needed to blend values. I’m overall pretty pleased with how it came out, but I have a lot to learn about painting in Photoshop.

I feel bad for not keeping this thread up to date, so here’s my final for my animation class this semester. Animated in Maya with AnimSchool’s Malcolm rig.

And a ball bounce I did the first week that never got critique from my teacher. Animated in Blender with CGCookie’s rig.