iTF field

I started this today around 8:00 in the morning, and finished a few minutes after 4:00 in the afternoon.

The compositing setup is pretty complex as it is, and is actually a watered down copy of the origional setup I had… At one point there were over 40 nodes in the entire setup, but I removed alot of them because they weren’t completly nessecary.

This image features the logo of my website

EDIT: I am currently in the process of changing the name and logo of my website, therefore I have removed the iTF logo.


Everything is great except the grass. Try more particles, and make them thinner.

Love the rest, composition is awesome!


I added more grass, and I’m working on adding some weeds and other stuff… I also replaced the iTF logo with an ant hill

“Yeah, something about that grass …”

Tryin’ to put my finger on it exactly, I guess I sorta wish that the grass was thicker down there where it meets the logo, so that it’s very clear that these are “physical objects in a field of grass,” and not “two or three flat images sandwiched together.” Perhaps my eye wants to see more of the lower part of the logo-objects being occluded by the grass.

(Which might be a matter as simple as putting more than one copy of the foreground-grass layer, suitably shifted in X and Y, on top of “itself.” Or maybe, as I have shamelessly done, “flipped end-for-end along the X axis and then superimposed upon itself…”)

Needs DoF.

Here’s what I’ve redone so far…

Also, I may not be adding depth of field. DOF is one of the most over used compositing elements, and I honestly think that the is to much going on in the scene to add it. It would be too distracting.

I’ll try DOF but I don’t think it will work…