Ithaca M37 Shotgun

Modeled simple game asset as a exercise. Tried baking with cycles and texturing with Substance Painter.
Rendered in Cycles. About 4500 tris.

nice model! substance painter is nice eh.


Yeah, Painter is very nice and fast.
Don’t have to make normal etc maps separately.

The first render I posted had some really odd shading going on. Then I investigated what’s going on and it seems that Blender likes to invert the normal map green channel in some cases (or just don’t like some normal maps as is).
So I made new normal map in Substance painter (Awesome app by the way. Didn’t even need cage for baking as I did it in parts already assigned in Blender as _high and _low) and swapped the green channel in Photoshop. Result: working normal map!