iToaster (work continues...)

I posted some tests on this appliance’s robotic tentacles about five weeks ago – at this thread – and am finally getting the item close to something that’s (I hope) presentation worthy:

Hoping for a little feedback before moving further…


The block of butter is too green, and hasn’t had anything taken out of it - yet some is being spread on the toast.

@goosey: The knife slicing off a section of butter happens pretty fast; you can see it if you carefully scrub from 0:25 to 0:27 (which isn’t too easy on YouTube). Between the movements of the knife and camera, it might not be too obvious that a piece of butter does indeed separate and follow the knife…

The sequence is pretty much finished now, even down to sound effects being laid in:


I like the nice clean looking graphics. I think the butter on the toast looks as if it just melted as it was applied so it is believable. Good job.

Thanks, ijay! I appreciate the feedback and will keep posting as work on this short progresses.

woah, this is awesome! :smiley: really good idea too, an iToaster… made me laugh a bit, but the animation is really cool :smiley: love the detail, you have the Toaster just spinning it’s claws, waiting for the toast, and the touch-screen element :smiley:

seriously awesome!

Wow, Meshweaver – a double dose of feedback, here and on Vimeo! Wish I had something new to post in response, but I’m still working on new footage. Soon!