iTouch/ iPhone games with blender

I was just wondering if anyone knows how to convert a .blend in to a app for the iPhone or iTouch.

awwww cmon

There is a Free Open Source 3D Game Engine for iPhone and iPod Touch.

I have some friends working for gameloft, i’ll look further into it, looks very interesting. As far as i know, you need OS X to emulate the iphone though :frowning:

Yes, I know how to.

The iPhone/iTouch use OpenGL ES, so you must first convert the OpenGL code in the BlenderPlayer source to OpenGL ES, then compile your new “BlenderPlayer ES” on the iPhone OS (or you may be able to do that within your copy of the iPhone dev environment on OSX… I don’t know a whole lot about the specific iPhone dev pipeline). Compiling the BlenderPlayer may require you to compile a few libraries which it depends on as well if they are not already available for the iPhone OS. But once you get your ES version of the BlenderPlayer built, you’re basically done. From there, make sure you have the dependencies installed on your iPhone, along with the new BlenderPlayer ES binary, and you should be able to load and run Blender games the same as on a desktop.

A few notes:
-You will have to make relatively simple games, since the iPhone is not all that powerful (it was not designed to be a gaming platform)

  • Erwin Coumans is currently working on an alternative solution which would allow .blend files to be played on the iPhone using the Irrlicht rendering engine. He is in the early stages of development with it. More info here: