Its a beautiful day!

OK so heres a project that im doing for my high school…St. Xavier and are mascot is the bombers

so what im going to do is have a shot of about 10 or more bombers covering the sky and having the words --It’s a beautiful day!-- or --It’s beautiful weather!-- in one of the corners

I already drew a sketch but i have to find a scanner first to put it up on a comp first…

heres the start of my plane…not much done…only about 1 hr. into works

Theres also another picture on this forum that i want mine to look like…i havnt been on blender for a while and i forget the name of the picture but maybe if i explain the pic someone will remember
—it was a bomber of some sort (so i think) and it was getting shot down and it was on fire…it was also blurry and looked like an old pic…it was a very great pic but i couldn’t find it in the forum gallery so if anyone knows what im talking about or if you own the pic im thinking of then plz give me a link :slight_smile: