It's a buck, go nuts

After some feed back dropped it down to a buck, cant get any cheaper than that. Don’t forget you get all the maps included for a buck.

About two months ago I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. Began taking photos of what I thought would be cool textures. The first week I learned a ton of what not to do. I kept going out early mornings, cloudy days, lunch breaks from work and soon I had massed a pile of images.

Now I opened Photoshop and began to learned quickly that Shooting in raw is the only way to go. Basic photographer stuff. Learned that shadows are my nightmare and how to make great looking albedo images. Bought me a commercial version of knlad and went to town. I even spent four days learning how to write a script for photoshop to make reflection and gloss maps with a simple click and scroll function.

Now I felt like it was go big or go home. I hit up the three biggest, most well know texture companies who have a healthy subscription base. This is what I learned.

              1. Not all of them want generated maps like from knald - big shock to me
              2. They only want images from top of the line cameras - not as big of a shock
              3. 3D mapping is clearly the future.
              4. The give great feed back and quickly
              5. Failure after a long hard effort stings for a min - life goes on

So if in the spirit of not giving up and helping out those who are intrested below is a link where you can get over 80’ textures with all there maps for 1.00 USd. A steal for sure but the real value i got from them was a learning process. I made a solid workkflow, I learned more about textures in two months then i have in 6. I made some new contacts and even met some great photographers in my area. Now i know i just told you that i had a hard time selling them. Being honest here but they are still great textures they al lsaid that they are just not X dollars a month good hence the 5 bucks. That’s less that 8 cents an image. Two dollars is going to a local food bank. If nothing else you want to know more about what I learned about making textures lets start the conversation.


Email with questions:<[email protected]>

Falling down is just a chance to get back up.

Why wouldn’t you rather put together a thorough & crystal clear tutorial on the workflow and experience, with a script & assets along you could go big… there aren’t many out there. IMO, textures depend heavily on the theme/subject so even if one would take photos of everything there would still be demand for custom made ones (gives more value and a style) :wink:

Interesting, perhaps in a month or so. I see your point. As well I will be adding samples of all the images as requested in my email. thaks for the feed back

Response to an email: here are two free textures ^ above* out of the bunch, I will post the whole set for examples soon thanks for the fed back!

Email me and i will send you a few if you are interested in seeing what they are. they are free for you do what you like just cant go out and resell them. Blenderarist is not letting me load them ill will try again later.