It's a Candy World!

Hi everyone,

Personal project (my 10th Blender project :partying_face:) for the “Under Glass” challange. Unfortunately I did not manage to finish in time, so I am posting it here.
Hope you like it!

PS: Comments and criticisms are more than welcome!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow! Very much appreciated.

Thanks & cheers.

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Great choice of camera position and beautiful popping colours!

Thanks for your feedback!

I must admit that I’m actually quite happy with camera position and overall appearance (beginner luck… :sweat_smile:).
However, there are plenty of things that need improvement, (some UV unwrapping are not perfect, some materials do not look very realistic, etc.). Still learning to walk…

Thanks & cheers

I love this scene :heart_eyes:
Not sure the black background is the best choice but very well done indeed!

Hi joaulo,

Glad you like it!
Actually before chosing black, I tried a bright neutral color, but than all the glossy reflections were lost in the background. On the contrary, with a bright color, only complementary would pop out. In the end, black was the best I could come up with :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your comment!

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