It's a dream of mine... this is DivX5.0 encoded, it looks a LOT better than the MPEG one. this is MPEG4v2 encoded, the gradients SUCK but some ppl don’t have divx…

Tell me what you think of my first special effect 100% blender, and plz check out the DivX one if you can, it’s FAR better quality. Well, bring it on! :x

I think it is pretty good. The only thing I think is strange (besides the part thats meant to be…I think you were shooting for somthing strange) would be the sand dunes under water…The water is parallel to the ground…That’s sort of like water runnin up hill or somthing. Well…I think if you dropped the back ground ( or added a new one ) it would be better… Also, why is it when the ball( rock/ whatever/ etc. ) drops back again there is no relfection. Other than that, great job!


( if you meant any of those things to happen, and I included them as somthing possibly wrong just ignore me :smiley: )

hehehe It’s a confusing picture I know that… I’ll explain a little more. It’s like you see in some Anime (neon genesis evangelion) when people go crazy they tend to here water dropping, for some strange reason I haven’t quite figured out. Well, this is just that. I rendered the background before hand and then made it the texture of the water with the Env-map. As to the reflection, I think the resolution of the Env-map wasn’t high enough…
Hope that clarifies it a bit…

Yup, it is very cool, but that water effect looks not parallel to the ground and there is nothing which makes you think there is water in first place.

If you are going for some stargate-like ripple wave in spatiotemporal continuum maybe some light flickers?