Its a GPU question I'm a little stumped - Blender 2.83

Hey All,

I’m starting my journey in Blender. Taking a udemy course on it. Its cool. So I came across a couple of things. I’ve seen…

Current Build:
Ryzen 5 3600X
500 SSD m.2.

GTX 760 (2GB) <<<<<< (ack).

OS: Fedora 31 | Kernel 5.7.11-100.fc31.x86_64
DE: Xfce | Version 4.14 (i think have to double check).
GPU Driver: 440.XX

“Blender is unable to find a compatible GPU”…

Did some research: GPU is no longer supported by Blender (well it is 7 years old).

Now here’s the thing: I’m running Linux, so do I want cuda cores or openCL? GPU’s are very expensive.

The other question is -> Best Bang for Buck. My intention is to create short 2D animation with sound. So there will be video editing of some nature in there. There maybe also be some 3D images. I doubt I’ll get to 3D animations - for a while yet, but ya never know. So the question becomes - how much power do I really need.

GTX 1660 ti ($350 - $470)

Price Jump >>>>

Radeon RX 5700 XT -> $520 - $605
GTX 2060 SUPER -> $565 - $650
GTX 2070 -> $590 - $620
GTX 2070 SUPER -> $620 - $1100

(Prices in CAD you can see the list here >,446,425,447,444&sort=price&page=1 )

So without wasting money on bells and whistles and super super high end cards, how do I choose the best card for my system?

Ideas ? Advice ? Thoughts?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


Your GPU (GTX 760) should be supported. You share the output of the following commands from the terminal:

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version


nvcc --version

In principle, your current graphics card has low amount of vRAM. First you try to make your GTX 760 card work, then do some work in Blender to see what limitations you are encountering and then make a better decision about the graphics card you should buy.

By the way, the list of nvidia cards you mention below are RTX cards (not GTX), which noticeably increase Cycles render times as long as Cycles features are supported by OptiX render.

Oh, very important. Are you using Blender installed from repository? If so, you download official tar.xz package:

Extract the content to a new folder, you enter that folder and execute there (double click) “blender” file

Greetings YAFU,

Here are a series of screen shots. I hope they help. When I installed the nvidia driver. I did by downloading the pkg > convert to executable > blacklist nouveau driver > install Nvidia-X- server. This is the results.

Part 1 of 6

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version >

Thank you very much for helps.

Part 2 of 6

nvcc --version >


Blender Messages >

Part 3 of 6

Blender Messages

Part 4 of 6

Blender Messages

Part 5 of 6

A simple blender render (well I thought to be) > takes almost 58 seconds to render >

Part 6 of 6


Yes I installed it from fedora repos. Is this wrong? Did the nvidia driver -> not install properly?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The drivers are correctly installed. Could you try downloading official Blender in the way I explained before?
It is always recommended to use the official Blender which is portable version, it does not need installation. This includes precompiled CUDA kernels (usually these are not included in distro packages)

By the way, don’t expect GTX 760 to be faster than your good CPU. Maybe using CPU+GPU at the same time (from CUDA tab settings) you can have a few seconds of better times.

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So, those screenshots for GPU settings that you show are for Cycles render engine. The render image that you show there is with the Eevee render engine which is the default fast engine in Blender. Cycles is slow but more realistic. Eevee always uses OpenGL and you don’t need to configure anything in Blender settings for it.

So for the future. As I said, your current GPU has a low amount of vRAM and this could start to give you problems for both Eevee and Cycles. Any of the cards you mentioned above have a good amount of vRAM (6GB or more which is recommended)
GTX 1660 ti with Cycles you will get similar render times as with your Ryzen CPU.
RTX 2060 on Cycles will give you about half the better time than what you get with your Ryzen CPU.
With RTX 2060 SUPER you will get only slightly better time than RTX 2060 for Cycles, but it comes with 8GB of vRAM which is better for both Cycles and Eevee.

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Greetings YOFU,

I downloaded Blender (*.tar) and it ran directly from unzipping it. It found GTX 760. I was able to select cuda cores. This is the result with same image.

It took the GTX 760 (cuda) 13.5 minutes to do what the CPU (evee) did in 58 seconds. I guess that is the difference between 7 year old graphics card and 1 year old cpu chip.

Gigabyte Windforce - 8GB > RTX 2070 > $540
EVGA Gaming > 8GB > RTX 2060 SUPER > $570
EVGA Gaming > 8GB > RTX 2070 SUPER > $690

*prices in CAD

So I’m thinking right now RTX 2070 (has 2304 cuda cores) compared to 2176 for the RTX 2060 Super. It seems to be best value.

Thanks for all your help.


I thought it was an Eevee scene, and apparently it’s a Cycles scene. As I had said before, Eevee is always GPU (OpenGL). Render engine selector (Eevee, Cycles) and its settings are located on the right in the Render tab.

Anyway, RTX 2070 is probably a lot more than you need for now. But if you have the money to buy it, you are ensuring that you will have a very good card for several years.
You keep an eye on power consumption and PSU requirement in card specifications, to make sure your current PSU will be able to supply the power.

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My PSU is a Corsair RM 650X. So it should be fine. :slight_smile: There’s only 1 SSD (m2) on motherboard, motherboard & RAM chips (aside from usb mouse/keyboard/audio). So it should be fine. Nvidia says minimum is 500 for (RTX 2070) recommended is 700w, so 650w, should be good.

Don’t rule out the GTX 760, it may be useful (if you have available slots) to have two graphics cards so that the weak graphics card handles the display while the more powerful card does the hard rendering work in long sessions. But that is something that you should investigate later.

I have a RTX 2070 and run on Linux (Linux Mint 20) and like it a lot. If you have the PCI slots on your motherboard to install both cards, you will be much happier when rendering on Cycles. With a seperate card you can still be working on other stuff (even two copies of Blender running at the same time) with no slow down. And you get to use all of the memory and speed on the 2070 (or another card) without loosing that what is used for the OS. Like YAFU says, it works great. The other consideration with having a larger card like the 2070, is the power connections. It’s not just that your power supply needs the overall wattage to work, but it also needs enough power connectors as well (power rails). The 2070 needs an 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors to work. This would be in addition to any power cable requirements from your 760. My other card is a GTX 980 that powers my monitors.