Its a head

I finally found some freetime for this

Amazing. The ear could use a little work :stuck_out_tongue: The hair under the ear has a weird color to it. But, other than that, great work!

Ear sculpting comes later, I’m just so lazy.

I fixed the bit of texture that was causing the red hair you were talkiing about.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I sculpted the ear. It still needs some refinement but I think this is a good checkpoint for the day

Once again, Amazing.

Five stars from me. I tried hard to find anything to pick at. The whites of the eyes look a bit plain and could possibly use a texture.

Thanks mat
I think I might have fixed the eye whites and I made a few other changes. This will probably be the last update I’ll do for this in a while since this project is a time sinkhole. Thanks for the direction guys.

That is just amazing! Keep working on it, finish it and have it ready for the next realistic human contest :slight_smile: I’d vote for it! The hair is spectacular! The expression, everything. Work on the lighting and the setting, is all.

Thanks, haha.
we have a contest for that?
I might enter. I’ll need to set up a real hdr map for that though.

Very very good, almost real, you might briefly explain some of your techniques. I’ve been struggling with getting realistic faces.

First you should use a good photo reference to really get the proportion correct. You shouldn’t follow your references too closely though since usually the camera that was used is going to skew your model a little bit because of real life perspectives. Real photos aren’t orthographic after all.

For the eyes and lips, I made a little sheet of geometry to simulate wetness. Its small and maybe unnoticeable but I think its still pretty important. Here’s a pic with what I mean.

The newest blender builds have the ability to project black and white bump maps in real time and that really really helped me when I was drawing out an extra bump map for the skin material that I used on top of the head’s sculpted geometry. I recommend trying out one of these builds if you want to add in some extra small details.

Also make sure your hair isn’t rendered too thick. It looks really weird otherwise.

Cant think of anything else, hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. At first I could not see what you were talking about with that sheet of wetness. I see what you mean now :slight_smile: Cool idea, did you come up with this technique?

About the hair, although I said earlier that it’s really good, now I have to admit that there are areas where it seems a bit thick, like around the sideburns. I like how the hair sticks out a bit around that area. I think it should get a bit thinner and finer too. Right now it seems like it ends a bit abruptly.

Another criticism is that this face has no wrinkles. Even the smoother-looking face has wrinkles. I think adding some wrinkle detail would boost the realism up to the next level—stratosphere? :smiley:

she’s beautiful, you’re doing a great job bringing her to life! …what about the body? [noparse]:)[/noparse]

Good advice andreu
I know what you mean about the thickness of the hair. Problem is I cant actually set it any thinner than it already is, 0.25 seems to be the lower limit for blender hair thickness. What I can do is set up the compositor so that it renders a version of the head with hair and without, and then from there I can blend the two versions together to create more transparent and feathery looking areas of the hair. This should work ok I just hope I can get this working automatically without me doing any of the post processing work.

I can add wrinkles, sure.

I got the eye wetness idea from some random blog about a year ago. This person added a little blob of geometry around bottom corners of his eye and that looked pretty killer from what I remember. I couldnt get it working the same way this person did, but with a little modification and a year of delay, it’s worked ok in this project I think.

Thanks zeffi :slight_smile:
no body yet but I have some ideas for a scene already. I doubt I’ll finish though.

What kind of material did you use for the hair, it looks awesome!

She looks truly awesome! I wouldn’t really bother with wrinkles, she is like wearing make up now :slight_smile: The only thing I can see, which is a bit weird for me, is the hair twist from back to front. I think it shouldn’t go that much to the front due to the gravitation. Also, it is going through the fringe. Oh, and the earring seems to be too close to the head, it should go through the earlobe :wink:

That is amazing!! Although like Lele said, the hair looks a little weird. I can only guess the number of hours you put into this… Ouch.

…she is magnific
great work!

good work, how many polys in sculpted geometry?

I added wrinkles but I don’t think they’re visible at this resolution.

The hair is made of the same material as the skin with just a little bit more specularity. The strand options are set to .25 thickness at the tip and the end of each hair with no tapering. If I could, I’d set the tips even thinner.

I think I fixed the hair clipping you were talking about. I just rendered a side view for the first time and the curling bit of hair does look a bit odd. I dont want to have the whole head of hair simply following gravity but I will try to make that part of the hair blend in better.

I’m gonna model the ear ring a little bit later.

[email protected],
my projects havent taken nearly as long as they used to since I got into sculpting. That’s been a big help.

Thanks symphony :slight_smile:

250k quads

Thanks everybody!