It's a Holden VX

Now that I have a new machine that can render something, I had a go. I just wanted something static so I could see what It might be capable of. It’s probably a bit too shiny though.

This isn’t really complete but it’s as far as I need for now. A lot more lighting work would help I guess and some more detail wouldn’t go astray. I might do more sometime later, and use another render engine when I work that out.

This is my first mesh project including a render but I’ve made a bit of other stuff, creating sculpties (shapes made from baking to a square rgb map) and textures.

Anyway, I’m happy with it. Thanks for looking.


really like the car, the rest of the scene lets it down quite a lot.

Good modeling but i think you need to work on rendering a bit more.

Thanks. I’m quite new to rendering and in that, setting up scenes, lighting etc . I’ve been using blender on and off in little bites for several years but only 3 weeks ago started actual modeling and learning about edge-loops and N-poles. I’m very slow and spent several hours twiddling knobs by trial and error to try to render this vehicle.
I’ll try to better it soon.

Where do I start…? Car looks good but the background looks crap. I have two words for you… 1: Unbiased…2: renderer.
If you use an unbiased renderer your car will look so much better unless you enjoy wracking your brain over the nodes system XD

Cheers PorkFist, I agree, I’m crap. First I’ll look up what unbiased renderer means then I’ll know that. It appears that lighting and rendering is harder than actual modeling. Working it all out by oneself is a drawn out time waster, there are so many buttons and sliders and variables.

I can only get the internal renderer to work so far.

emaydubya I can’t model worth beans.
I probably never will be able to do so.
I can light, do materials, textures, and that stuff.

An unbiased renderer can be slightly hard to control at times. It does a lot of hard work for you IF you setup the lights up right.
If you get lighting and materials(also textures) under your belt then you’ll have a better scene.
Lighting with a biased renderer gives you a ton of control, at the expense of using a ton of lights and generally you have to fudge with your scene by using compositing nodes.