It's a low poly treasure-chest thingy...

Hi all,

This is actually my first post on this forum, and my first ever 3D model in my life. I’m not kidding.

I did quite some 3D programming, so was already familiar with UV / Texture mapping, Vertices and Faces and such. Since I am going to work on a little project I wanted to do for such a long time now (small MMORPG), I figured it would be nice if I learned how to model some basic stuff.

Actually, you can look at this as “coder” art. So if it sucks, tell me :smiley:

Oh, and another thing it’s exactly 60 hours ago that I downloaded blender and started reading the tutorials. I can’t imagine why some people find Blender so hard to use, it’s simply the most efficient GUI I’ve seen in a looooong long time. But perhaps that has something to do with me being a coder and all… lol

Some info;
Model weighs in on approx. 150 faces. I’ll try and see if I can paste a face view / wire for you guys (edit: done), so you can see how I set it up polygon wise. I think it should be fine for in a game. Any comments are more than welcome.

I would especially like to hear from people who have used Blender in games before, since it’s still a learning experience for me. (I’m currently fiddling around with getting the damn thing exported…texture coords included)


P.S. The bump mapping applied is just temporarily. In-game the bump map would most likely not be there. (Unless some kind soul can point me to a good OpenGL bumpmapping tutorial…hehe)

Thanks in advance for all the C&C, and I’m proud to be part of elysiun :wink:


I actually forgot the image :o

Here’s the scene in face mode too, so you can see how I did my low poly stuff… all triangles b.t.w.

(Yes I know, horrible JPG compression on the last one… you guys will survive… I promise ;))


hey, that is some very good game work!
nice job. Now just create an entire world with that detail and you are set.
The wood is very good, the bump mapping is nice too.

I suppose that you could’ve made those red crosses with fewer polys, but otherwise nice job. Especially the frames.

No, seriosly, check those links or your bandwidth :smiley:

Hey KiwiSystems! Welcome to the Blender gang. I have always felt that Blender is one of the easiest 3d apps to learn to use even before the new GUI.

And no matter what other people say, I feel that Blender is the “most” efficient GUI for a 3d app ever.


I’m absolutely going to fix to red crosses :wink:

The server (at my place) kinda crashed the other day for mysterious reasons… perhaps it’s a conspiracy to keep my art of the 'net :wink: