Its a me, a Mario!

Mario and luigi models I made entirely in blender (usually just do interior/architecture in blender). I think they turned out pretty good for the style I was going for. Might rig and pose em later, let me know what you guys think. enjoy!


Nice! But the noses look like they have solid shading.

Uh… you, uh… forgot, uh… their, uh… eyes…

All joking aside, I like them a lot.

Thanks guys, glad you liked. I dont know what happened though with the eyes…Bowser must of ate them! that sun’of’abitch!

Very good job mate! Should pose them for us! :smiley:

“It’sa palea shadowa ofa former meee, Wheretheheckamio!”.

No offence, I was just referring to the eyes. Interesting models otherwise :slight_smile:

nice models would like to see them with eyes :slight_smile: