It's a pretty tough world out there...(about Blender haters)

I need to share my dispair with you because I’m a bit
tired of beeing alone in my Blender battles.

For several years now I’ve been pushing “Blender” to
the people here in Denmark, making user-guides,
tutorials and gaining quite some ground in forums
and lot’s of new users.

All that is wonderful…heck - I even ended up with
a top-notch job creating high-end commercials using
Blender…works wich have been approved by the
people I work for…and their business partners.

But…what is it with this enormous “hate” I get
from the so called “biggies”…you know…the people
that work in the games industry, the well known
movie studios…

Now that Blender is gaining momentum in the fora’s
I’ve been supporting newcomers to Blender I’m
constantly beeing attacked by 3dstudio max and
Maya professionals (yes…they’re professionals)
and they’re many. Very busy interrupting my
writing wherever I support newcomers just to tell
them that I’m a “moron” and Blender has no future,
anyone who want’s to be anyone should use “x-package”
not Blender.

I rarely get a companion that supports my point of
view - not even when my work using Blender has been
approved for publishing to thousands of warehouses
all over. It’s like it’s some kind of personal “war” to
these people - I am not to be right about Blender
for ANY price…

they constantly support each others views…and soon
I’m the “kook” in the fora’s for simply refering to Blender
as a professional tool.

You know…

I get a little tired too…

But I do belive we’ll be many more soon…


just thought I’d get that off my chest.

I know, they have “real” software… but Blender rocks. I’ve been tweaking with it for a few years, and now I use it all the time at work. I’m the Director of Digital Media at a Canadian Advertising firm called redrhino. I’ve been professionally making graphics for about 15 years. I figure I’m a prefessional.

I love Blender. It’s changing the work that I do. I can now produce 3D work with quick turnaround and excellent results. Now that the Python API has opened up, there are excellent plug-in scripts… so pretty much I feel confident always upping the ante with each project.

There must be about a hundred GFX apps on my harddrive - some of them specialized, some of them generalized, but nothing beats my Blender. If I have a graphics problem or tight deadline… I can count on Blender, Gimp/Photoshop, WAX, Virtualdub. I also have a lot of call to use Aftereffects and I love the Blender output when I get it in there. And changes - I’m not scared of them - Blender renders so fast it’s a snap.

And today - now I find out I can import .AI, .EPS, .SVG, Gimp paths courtesy of the script god JMS, I’m in heaven.

I’ll say it again. Blender Rocks! I have so much power in my hands now, I don’t ever have to think inside any boxes ever again.

Thanks for your hard efforts. They are appreciated by many. And if those other so-called professionals have their heads stuffed so far up their arses that they can’t take full advantage of all the excellent free software out there… it’s their loss, not ours. “Professional” has never been a synonym for “smart”, or “resourceful”.


For you I have only one answer, I need your help !

I’m striving (along with others) to bring Blender to the Next level, Blender as a Professional Tool. If you care to check out this forum;

Due to your knowledge, I believe you can help us make Blender grow even more.

Check out my Thread on the “Blender Certification Program” in this forum:

We are striving to shut up those guys you talk about and show them that Blender can do it, and that it has the best courses, certification and the best support they will ever find.

Best Regards,


People are crazy and passionate and trivial. Sometimes it stinks.

I have seen the same arguments in other forums too, whether one camera is “professional” or not, etc…

There is no universally accepted standard of what will make Blender “professional”, in the meantime, let’s just keep showing them what we got.

It may be nice when Blender is widely accepted as a professionally viable tool (but who knows, it could be a disaster too!), but until then users like JoOnlge are proving that it’s got the ability to do “real” work.

I don;t think we really need certification. The Blender phenomenon justs needs a little time to ramp up. Look at the constantly increasing pace of development. Just keep using the software, showing your work, and dropping the “Blender” name any chance you get.

Design and Art worlds are meritocracies. The client doesn’t really care how you did it - all they care about is the final work. Ever try to engage a client in a discussion about your studio process? Ever seen eyes glass over?

Like I said, keep Blending, keep spreading the word. We DO have the best support in the world. We have and What other rockin’ program gives you 24 hr. access to a world-wide support network, and new features every week (or day sometimes) and the ability to talk one on one with the developers and see your suggestions implemented shortly after, instead of waiting years for a new release?

Colour me the new Blender spokesmodel, I’m lovin’ things the way we are. We don’t need the world to convert to Blender… we’re happy keeping our money in our pockets and crankin’ out cool stuff.


Just so you’d know that someone read you complaint all the way down to the end.

I use Blender professionally, to model, build interactive presentations, also videos, stills to show my furniture, renos and the rest (my other apps are FloorPlan3D and TurboCAD : I can testify that, yes, the AutoCAD crowd breed with their cousins from StudioMax). But you are in the right path and in any case, anybody who masters Blender can learn the other apps very fast. I had to do some Rhinoceros3D some 18 months ago and after less than 2 weeks I was earning a living with it.

Just blend ahead over them.


Perhaps to the crazed Blender non-believers you should simply list all the features that have been added, oh let’s say in the last 6 months.

Ten minutes later, when you’re done, direct them to the .org gallery ! :smiley:

just keep sharing the love and ignore them – you know you’re right & that’s enough.

There are fanatics everywhere. Both the proponents of commercial programs, and proponents of open-source programs, are equally guilty of irrationality.

Stay vigilant! And just ignore them. It’s tough… but eventually they’ll see… and if they don’t… well… thats their problem! :slight_smile:

I love Blender! and thats from an X-3DSMax fanatic and current Lightwave 8 Owner!

I wonder if there is a direct correlation between the number of “haters” and the amount of money wasted away for their professional package?

For me, I have both 3DS MAX and Cinema 4D lying around somewhere because I wanted to try my hand at 3D with a professional package (this was before i found Blender). I tried Blender and I hated it because it had a strange interface and i couldn’t see any of the buttons(old comp -_-), then one day found out a friend of mine works with blender, gave it a second try, and from then on i ditched 3DS and C4D along with a lot of other professional tools for their open-source equivalent.

Find someone open-minded who is a respected artist, tell them about blender and soon the crowd will follow, maybe, hopefully.


The momentum for using Blender professionally is on a constant increase.

I have been following the forums both at Elysiun and Blender since the the early days. I have noticed that there is an ever increasing amount of posts and quality work from professionals using Blender. With the constant feature additions and code tweakling happening with Blender it’s only a matter of time before it gets larger acceptance. I also belive there are many more people using Blender professionally but are too busy with thier jobs to post threads.

By the way, it is quite possible that those nay sayers work for those paid app companies.

Spread the Blender word. Eventually the Blenderheads will be in great demand.

I agree that Blender is a great program, but there are currently a number of things that are quite difficult and almost impossible to do with it. I went from using Blender to 3Ds Max and now I’m stuck in between both programs, because Blender is as easy to model with as it is to make an IK solver in 3Ds Max.

Blenders modelling is so easy that I will often make a model in Blender, then export it to 3Ds Max and then texture and rig it from there. I still don’t know how to use UVW wrapping/unwrapping in Blender, but it took me a day to learn in Max. Also, rigging in Blender is very confusing, as you need to create dozens of bones just to create a half-decent IK solver, whereas in Max you simply need to create three bones and you’re two clicks away from creating an IK solver.

But I do believe that Blender has potential and can be used for professional uses, Max just simplifies things a lot.

Their opinions where probably formed in the dark days of Blender 1.x

Although not really an excuse for the anti-Blender crowd, Blender (to me) has only started to shine the last 1-2 years, once people got familiar with the open sourced code and started adding things at an alarming rate.

While with 1.x you COULD do nice things in it (Shinge’s magazine work comes to mind…), from a professional view it was sorely lacking in various departments.

Recently however, Blender has started to acquire top notch features on both Renderside (raytrace, AO, Ramps, Yafray/Aqsis…) and modeling side (knife tool, edge loops, creased subsurfs,…) These are all relatively recent additions. Compared to the Maya’s, Lightwaves and other ‘professional’ (read expensive) tools, Blender made only a very recent appearance on the general 3D scene.

I’m sure that as we get more recognition in the 3D world, attract more and more capable artists and start winning contests and such , more and more people will come around. But just as with Photoshop/Gimp, MSOffice/OpenOffice and a miriad of others, fanatics (on both sides) will continue to swear by their tool of choice regardless of the merit of the other. Also, just like with Linux’ “ready for the desktop”, the goalposts will continue to be moved so that for the anti-fanatic, the goal will never be reached (“So what if you can do the same as the previous version of X, but faster and for free. Well, now there a new verision of X that does (something) which you don’t so your product is utter crap!!”)

very interesting. I would ignore those idiots.

Well. I have talked in threads about this. I am of the opinion Blender is not a god like tool. But the fact, is I either think max is a god like tool, nor Maya, etc. No tool is perfect. Some have more features (and unluckily, to make games you need things like lightmaps , joint pinning, etc.) but also, have othe rproblems, of course.

I have been helping, or trying to, here(with knwoledge of other tools, links, methods…). And with certain blender plugin.

I have also called myself “professional” because I had to work hard for a salary doing 2d and 3d, often not sleeping at night making artwrok at the companies small rooms with other 5 mates. Not long years, but quite intense. (even had to get urgent at hospital for a problem derived from this)

I think anyone has the right to call himself professional if have done this wether with Blender, Max, or whatever.

I think is so wrong when I hear in the forums I’ve been always at (maxers, etc) than blender and any free tool is crap, than hear them there NO OTHER tool like max. Than every tool out there (even XSI or Mirai! geez…) is worse. But is plainly as wrong to say Blender is better than those, or that blender is a god like tool.

I have posted a lot in these type of threads. If I am being considered a hater or a fake pro,(and i 'd really like to know if so. I think I’m very polite in a forum) or whatever. I mean, I’d like to hear if these opinions I have mentioned are not allowed at Elysiun or Blender org, as then I’ll get back to the other apps not to come back ever (so, a “hater” less). I don’t like such blind elitism if it means that. Though, I have a hope is not that, JoOngle means other kind of posts, and is just referring to other more harsh sayings of others. I like to freely speech also, can’t be in a forum if there can’t be said a polite opinion.

I just have spoken lately a lot about this facts I mention here, and wanted to know if I am considered one of those, as then I’ll leave.

[btw, I think it’d be no good for blender. It’d be better to integrate people that has one foot in one “world” and another in the other “world”…but however…I have started to really like Blender at 2.28c, I didn’t like it much in 1.8, but I never spoke badly about it in a fourm. I think being realistic is important in relation to Blender, too. ]

good thing about my position as a student is that everyone is choosing their 3d programs now at university and basicly learning 3d.

i am already ahead of people so people look up to me.

already people say “yeah i might do my stuff in blender…and by blender i mean cobalt” (cobalt is the software the university uses)

but basicly they accept blender, and later in life will see it as a viable alternative. i am working slowely at changing the staff attitude towards blender. but considering my blender works have been displayed at university as “outstanding” for months on end, i feel this is pretty easy to do.

the only problem is getting staff to learn blender, but this will happen over the next two years.


This thread makes me think of Ton’s article and his opinions of professional 3d usage and Blender. Blender has been used professionally as a 3d tool for years. Now some folks definition of what is professional is based on the belief that the only professional 3d software is that which is used in the production of Hollywood films. 3d software that is used in any business promotional efforts to me can be deemed as being professional. Ones ability to model furry characters with dynamic flowing hair for a film over ones ability to promote an everyday product like floor cleaner with an animated cleaner bottle is a matter of opinion.

All that matters is ones ability to work successfully at whatever professional 3d endeavor they choose. All the rest is just not that important to every case in which 3d is used in a production. What matters is that Blender is allowing many 3d professionals to practice their craft and to bid for the same 3d design jobs as any other 3d software user out there. We can control the level of feature usage that we want to use in presenting out work. Often the more features that we choose to use in a presentation can create more problems than we want to solve.

Even with all of the current features at our disposal that a fully featured 3d software suite like XSI offers us a professional knows how to persuade a client in a way that can make their job more manageable. You don’t always have to apply the most advanced features of 3d software to get the job done.

If someone wants bragging rights, have fun. But long unnecessary 3d renders can really take a bite out of your workflow. Often the real power in 3d comes from 2d software textures and compositing tricks. Bottom line, I tell folks that Blender is all about getting the job done.

Blend on!

WOW…this got more response than I’d expect. Thanks to everyone
for the kind support and interesting discussion!

I suppose I could “ignore them”…but unfortunately they don’t do the same
with me. It is as if they’re annoyed that our Blender forums is growing
in numbers,

Example. In our “forum” we have a Max,Maya,XSI,Lightwave and recent
Blender forum.

Now…the Max forum is drowning in users, and the Xsi, Maya groups have
hardly any users…perhaps 2-3 posts a week for the Maya one.
But the Blender group (Recently added) had very little activity in the
But due to the many posts of excellent Blender artists work, not to mention
the humongous work done by the Blender coders…I’ve posted news about
features + made tutorials for the beginners on an assembly-line basis
because of the speed of the developement…

this made the forum explode, and a stream of newcomers really open
their eyes for Blender (especially since they can’t afford Max, don’t go
to a school…so they’re not eligible for a learners-edition etc.) they took
to Blender like water to a desert.

Now in a few months…the number of posts are about to surpass the Maya
forum in number of posts …

…but everytime we demostrate something wonderful about blender and
new users go “woooow”…“professionals” that works in pro-studios
that hardly posts anywhere…all of a sudden feel the urge to post like
mad and slander blender and try VERY hard to convince the new users
that they should be using the “known” software…and that companies
that dare use Blender must be having “idiots” for management etc.

Such words are EXTREMELY provoking…especially when I’ve been using
such a long time and such hard effort to make people see what a
Star Blender really is.

So ignoring this is hard. I suppose I survive…

But having to constantly go into a discussion debate with people
who are already sitting in well respected position…makes the talk
about “me” go in those studios (yeah…now I’m some kind of kook
probably to them)…no fun for any human :frowning: I can only take
“so” much you know…

I will of course be steering towards the Blender ways anyway,
especially since I’ve gotten a really nice job using Blender, and
the AD’s will be hanging all over Denmark with works done with
Blender…so they can argue untill their heads turn blue if they
want to…but I’m only ONE over here that does known Blender
works…and it’s sometimes a harsh battle…I don’t want to or have
a need to defend myself, I just want to make “art” like the rest
of them…why must people constantly BASH…I don’t get it.

do you midn telling us what forum this is?

i am interested in seeing if it really is as bad as you say.