It's a Small World After All Parody

HD Version :

Making of the compositing :

I started this shot befor the pandemy! I started working seriously on it around last october! It took weeks to render, days in compositing, but it is DOOOOOONE!

Translation of the song : Before we start, we must apply a couple of rules. The first one being no more thant two Disney TV Shows. Why? Because withall TV Shows produced by the mouse, I don’t whant to loose what remains of my sanity like this! Music! Look over there a Disney Show, look over there a Disney Show! Look up, there is a Disney show, look down, another Disney TV Show! When you’re seven it is ok! When you’re 30 it’s getting hard! Please let me get out of here or kill me!

The musig of the making of have been made by Deux Folles et un Banjo (

All 3D have been made in Blender… I modeled everything and most texture are from me except the ones listed bellow!