ITS A YOUR FACE-CG MODEL -Frank_robernson

Frank Robernson // 8/3/09 // CG head modeling.

Okay Hello to all and thank you for at least having a flick threw my project, okay what am I doing.
I am modeling a 3d head in blender from a tutorial with a okay reference image, what do I want to
do is model this head then will go threw the steps of lighting,material,texture,nodes,angles,shading,
hair,particles,SSS and so much more things its a huge learning curve for me because I have only
been using blender since January 09, I’ve found modeling interesting by the way you are able to
freely move about, I have not found every button in blender I wanted or could want to understand
but have a good level of skill.

With this small project and by small I mean I am only rendering a head, I will work on another
project as I learn from this WIP.The project will continue as a stepping stone in learning with
blender, so enjoy.

p.s please comment if you view.

So far, so good. You might add a mirror modifier.

I had it on but I liked working on one side for now then I will apply (Mirror Modifier)
After modeling this basic realistic Topology I will then reshape it whilst having mirror on.
thank you, :wink:

you’ll have to make sure none of the central verts are overlapping onto the opposite side.

it’ll be worked on thank you.Ha ha yes that’s when I apply mirror.

This is going to be aside project haha it kinda looks good to me?, cool.:wink:

Looks like it belongs in an expensive art gallery :wink: Look forward to seeing it finished.

Hahaha that was the funniest thing I herd today, thanks what do you mean $$$ expensive?:confused: haha it is going well.

thanks guys for the help so far but I need more critiques to comment !! :slight_smile:

:ookay just a small update…once again i am just playing with this mesh until i continue modeling the rest of the original I started with.he he I just play around with the lips to see how female I can make it look but I decided I am making a make cg head and I should stick with that.:rolleyes:

and i just wanted to see what i could come up with something strange looking but interesting …very weird this one.

A screen shot of angles and a render -close up.:eek:


Sorry no updates today have been wondering why my internet has been funny, hmmm.

I hope to have some more of my model done this week.

Please comment on what I have done so far thank you .

Looking really good at the moment.
For how long are you using blender?

Just a month now or maybe since 2009 January;)
Honest I love to learn things and love CG art work.

I want every thing to be perfect.:slight_smile:

thanks a lot dude appreciated that comment

I think his lips might be a bit too pursed. They look a little tight in at the corners. Anyway, looking good so far, and good luck.

hey ZombieJohn
so far it is good I will continue to work on it,:confused: hmm yes I agree to the Tutorial did not show me how to
fold or model the side of the mouth :rolleyes:but I think I can do it myself and if not I will
ask for help haha :slight_smile:

thank you;)

I finally found the perfect reference photo

Looks like a good start.From your first pics looks like you have some good topology starting out…

Yes I have good set up very good, I have taken the old reference photos away, because
they were of a male with a large double chin and so I needed supermodel material.:yes:
This means I am starting again but on an even better character.I am sooo excited haha.:smiley:

looks like you’re having fun. I like the l pursed lips. It’s like a kiss about to happen

You like that well I only did it to show there is a cute essence within the character.

well thank you am still working on the whole head, turned out to look very eastern no idea why
just did.