It's about to get hairy...

Hey everyone. Being somewhat new to Blender and 3D modeling in general, I’d really love some advice on how to go about doing hair for this:

I know that there are tons of hair tutorials out there, but I suppose I am looking for what you would consider the best method. I’m sure everyone has different ways of doing it, so it would really help me get some ideas. Thanks in advance for the advice!

Get an SVN build and take advantage of the rewritten particles and strand render as well as the new particle edit mode, you’ll never want to do hair in 2.45 again once you see the new functionality.

What is SVN build? I’m also interested in creating hair, realistically and diversely (for different characters). I got fired up over the Make Hair program, but I guess, it either had some serious issues for the time being, or is being incorporated with a Make Human update. I’m looking for some way where I can have control to get the styles and textures the way I imagine them.

SVN stands for Subversion. It’s becoming the standard over Concurrent Versions System (CVS) which allows you to “checkout” the source code to Blender. I’ve actually been playing around with the SVN code for awhile now and unfortunately ran in to some problems when trying to use the new particle system with some of my models, but I am really loving it and can’t wait for it to stabilize. Anyways, if you’re using Linux, it’s as simple as:

svn checkout
cd in to the directory containing the SConstruct file and:
scons to build it.

Here is a screenshot of the latest build:

Playing around with the new particle system.