It's Alive ! it's aliiiiiiiiive!

hello y work in on animation for m’y “Last Robot” and y tri this walk-cycle.
Thank’s for watching and critiques :slight_smile:

this Robot is based on m’y old on y make it new for m’y animation/modéling formation .



I have only 2 improvements I can see: the arms should be opposite from the legs and the feet look like they go through each other a little.

Apart from that, this is really good and your level of animation is way better than most Blender users.


Oh tank’s a lot for your comment.

Yes y dont know why y inverse the leg and arm mouvement :sweat_smile:.
And yes you look good for the legs ans shoose they choc .

i must do it better now.

Sorry for m’y english y’m live in France and Come frrom chili country spanish .

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