It's ALIVE !! mwha ha ha ha

So, this uses a ray sensor, finds the target, feeds it to the armComputer(receives target), the target is copied by the ArmTarget(Ik chain target)

firing is done by gun when lined up with player via a ray

100% modular communication scheme,

So arm should work when attached to anything with a head parented to it,
head feeds target to anything with the property “target”


Just try it and please smile for me :smiley:
Edit:Fixed error

using less then 1% logic now :smiley:
Project Wrectified asset,

Mit 3.0 CC

Name attributer and share logo in splash screen of program/game/simulation Project Wrectified

updated file- /uploads/default/original/3X/0/d/0deaa17fb7bc5b5224e42f6894046d41a9eed509.blendd=1382242471

Update - /uploads/default/original/3X/0/d/0deaa17fb7bc5b5224e42f6894046d41a9eed509.blendd=1382242471

Made system dynamic and fixed problem where removing target threw errors in the council,

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as it is a demo

Is that how you want your robots to look?It would be simpler.

No, it’s just a test :smiley: the code could theoretically run any component we rig, so It will be a big mix of every part, but these with a little polish and mapping could end up in game, we will probably design many many varations since we can with the system.

update - video of system resource use(low fps is due to No GPU :frowning: )

but check resource usage :smiley:

I’m always a sucker for any thread with that evil laugh… muah ha ha ha in it :slight_smile:

He’s blasting away pretty good… what happens if you move the arms… or guns in this case?

right now, his head feeds targets to his arms, and the arms apply force to a IK target, and the arms cast rays and fire if they hit a target :smiley:

But it needs a locomotion system to move it, I have to write a new one that uses the steering actuator and forces, and then it will be on wheels :smiley:

the whole thing needs to be modular, but any part parented to it with the property ‘target’ will be fed the target key, which can be used for the steering actuator to run A*.

update It will move like this :D’


LookOutNowItsOnWheels.blend (946 KB)