its an illusion! UPDATE!

hello, again.
another test by me.
im playing with illusions.

try the blend.
its for the game engine.
press SPACE to rotate.
impossible.blend (294 KB)

this is really, really cool :wink:

you could set it up in a mad scientists laboratory, with these weird masks turning round n round and other illusion stuff :slight_smile:

How about this one next:

Nice. The use of the game engine is really nice.

ok here is a update.
any more blender possible illusions?
im doing the hollow face thing now.

All these images are made with Blender (no post-processing with another software) :


Sorry, but my screen isn’t showing any images?
What images are you referring to?

hes showing great illusion pics,
re boot, it will help.

I rebooted, and I still can’t see them.:no:
Maybe ad-block plus is blocking them for some reason…
(it’s a firefox add-on)

Here is a variation of an illusion that I found interesting:

Bob, those are really good images! you could really sell 1,3,5,6 I’m sure.
Try these:
or some more

Another one I did for a friend of mine.
Again, no post-processing (and no node in blender). Just a blend texture…


.blend, please!

Another “impossible object” (with .blend)




es_ecrou_impossible.blend (181 KB)

Another one (i grabbed tux here) :

I try to mimic my friend Francis ( who do this kind of sculpture for real !