It's been over 3 years. Why is Gimp Win32 + Wacom still broken?

It’s been well over 3 years since someone posted “Gimp Win32 + Wacom = Broken” and the issue still persists. Having a wacom tablet plugged in and starting up Gimp in Windows XP leads to a broken experience.

I mean broken. To the point where I need to unplug my Wacom tablet (Graphire4) before I start Gimp(thank God for desktop USB hubs with top-facing ports). The stylus doesn’t work right. The eraser doesn’t work right. The little mouse they give you doesn’t work right. All of the above either don’t function or are offset by several pixels (you’ll click an area to start cropping and the corner of the crop will start a centimeter to the left and below where you actually clicked). And you know what the worst part is? Any other mouse you have plugged in (serial, PS/2, USB, Bluetooth) stops working (cursor moves but it doesn’t click) entirely.

Is there some sort of fix or workaround for this? The saddest thing is that Gimp 2.6.1 kicks eight kinds of butt any other way. The toolbars work great, the windowing works well, and all in all, I’m really stoked about the GEGL integration. If they ever implement it so a set of functions can be stacked, moved around, and even removed from a single layer, it’ll be obscene how powerful gimp has become.

About the only things Gimp could really use at this point, aside from fixing this bug, are tabs (ala Pidgin, preferably on the left or customizable) and a name change (Seriously, try recommending this program to someone who’s not a close friend or relative. gAIM had that problem to a lesser extent, and I’m sure the usage of Pidgin shot up substancially when they made the change).

It works fine for me and has for the past couple of versions. The big bug really wasn’t an issue with Gimp, but more an issue with the GTK toolkit.

There is one outstanding bug though, and it might be your problem. When you run Gimp, do you double click it’s icon with the mouse?

If so, try doing it with your Wacom instead.

For some odd reason Gimp won’t work properly with my Wacom unless I start it (ie, double click the desktop icon) using my stylus.

I haven’t had major problems with gimp in ages, except for the previously mentioned “must start it with tablet” thing. Sorry you are having trouble…major trouble.

MukiEX, it does not work for me either. I even filed a bug but nothing has came out of it.

Are you under 64bit?

I have no freezups in GIMP, though I’m still having them in Inkscape. Odd. Has GTK tablet support improved lately?

Mukiex did you try a total uninstalling of wacom drivers, wipe it out of your syste,m, use revo uninstaller. Then reinstall the latest wacom drivers. It worked out for me yesterday.

What are you waiting for MukiEX, it is open source? Simply code it yourself and quit your gripin.:ba:

If you can compile both GTK+ and GIMP on Windows yourself, use a text editor to open $gtk-toolkit-root/gdk/win32/gdkinput-win32.c at (about) line 483. There, you’ll see code to set the packet queue size. Try to increase the max. size from 32 to 500 in the for-loop, and rebuild the GIMP.

Does that solve some of (any of) the issues?

Switched to an Intuos3 over the holidays. While the stylus now works beautifully (in every way, including tilt, for caligraphy), the wacom mouse is still broken (and sadly, attempting to use a regular mouse seems to auto-break whenever a wacom tablet is part of the equation. So either stylus-only or non-wacom-mouse-only). Blender, however, has worked ever so nicely from the start. :slight_smile:

Also, as far as the mouse is concerned (which, as far as I can tell, the Gimp calls a “puck”), the “configure extended devices” menu is worth jack. Nice for the stylus (if for some odd reason you wanted tilt to affect the brush tool instead of pressure) but doesn’t seem to affect mouse control in any way. Heck, as far as I can tell it doesn’t even save properly.

I wonder how much of a GTK issue this is given that Pidgin uses the same library (probably from the same “common files” folder) and has never given me the slightest hint of trouble with either device. Neither has Blender, another app that uses Wintab. Inkscape’s just as bad tho.

Have you tried talking to the “GIMP guy’s” about this?

Changing some settings under Preferences->Input Devices->Configure Extended input devices might help. I needed to set the tablet to screen to get this to map correctly. Not sure about the mouse problems though. I don’t use GIMP with my tablet much.

I’ve had similar problems in both inkscape and gimp under XP, Ubuntu and Vista actually.(I have an old Wacom Intuos tablet) What has worked for me was to get the latest drivers. keeping the config for the tablet open in the backround and also using the tablet to open the programs. mappings set to screen.
Exactly why it is this way and what worked for me I can’t tell you. My impression so far is that it all has to do with your desktop feng shui and your neighbours dogs karmaquotient. I also suggest swapping coffee with valium for a day while hacking at these settings as it can make really tough men cry like little girls.