It's been some time in the making...

(ScottishPig) #1

…and it’s almost finished. I’ve been spending alot of time, making a ship that’s perfect in every detail. I am proud to say that this ship, of what’s there, is damn accurate- especially the rigging. It’s not done yet, that’s why they call it a ‘preview’ or ‘wip’.

What I’ve actually done is a ship- it’s going to be part of a movie, so instead of 575 seperate stills- I’ve made it into short animation (about 57 seconds in length). The movie’s storyline is on the movie page (a general synopsis) but it’s fair enough. I will devolop subplots and advanced character details a little later.

I’ve also updated my site:
And the movie page (which this post brags about so):

And for you who don’t need the movie, just a still (or 2 stills in one jpeg):

Very well then, sorry for any broken links, I tried to iron them all out, but hell- I’m only human.

I GREATLY appreciate any comments.

(S68) #2

ScooishPig, your server is sllloooooooowwwwww… :frowning:

Nice model,

I would have placed more polygons in the hull… I can see straight lines in the profile watching the stills!!!

Great job with cannons, those must have brought up your vertex count a lot :slight_smile:

Ropes and sails looks nice, but square sails are usually tied on their whole length to the upper horizontal mast, not just at the corners as it looks like in your image

I’ll comment on the movie as soon as the download ends :slight_smile:

(Vidigiani) #3

Hehe I hope you’re not downloading the 323 MB one :stuck_out_tongue: Nice to have options… but 323 MB… I wish I had that kind of web space :stuck_out_tongue:

(blengine) #4

wow, thats alot of megs! my computer laughed at me when i attempted a download =(
the pics look great though! excellent modeling

(stephen2002) #5

some of the geometry needs much more detail if you are planning to get close to the ship (the railings and the hull have defined geometry lines in them)

The sails are pretty good, but I am betting that the ripples are just a wood or stuci bump map that won’t look too hot when animated. Good luck realistically animating the sails.

B&W…hummm. sounds like you were too lazy to texture property :stuck_out_tongue:

---- some time passes ----

The movie just finished downloading. There seem to be some mesh pinching (messed up normals) along the rudder area of the ship. If that is going to be under-water it does not matter.

I hope that is not your best animation skill. You could have at least left the IPO smoothing on. Harsh movements. :frowning:

(ScottishPig) #6

B&W is not because I am lazy- it’s to get a proper mood for the time period. The poly lines in the hull aren’t all poly lines, I’ve began texturing the hull (The vertical lines) and teh railings are rectangular, so of course there will be lines. I have to look into more pics about the sails, but, as you know, good diagrams are hard to come by.

Thanks for your comments and words of encouragement. I apploligise for the slow server, anyone willing to fund my venture to get OC3 (Only a few thousand dollars a month) is encouraged to send me money.

(digitalSlav) #7

shaping up nicely piggy! i would lose the bump in the sails all together though… never have liked that approach.

(ZoltarX) #8

Really want to see these pictures by the famous “scottishpig” but keep getting “time out” errors. :frowning:


(ScottishPig) #9

Zoltar: Famous? Cool!

Sorry about the terrible server- I am still looking for something better, but anything better would cost too much. :wink:

Sorry 'bout the timesouts.

(ScottishPig) #10

"Ropes and sails looks nice, but square sails are usually tied on their whole length to the upper horizontal mast, not just at the corners as it looks like in your image "

Thanks. I noticed that more recently too… (The ‘horizontal masts’ are called ‘yards’)

Being fixed.