Its Bowls.

Simple bowling game. Still wip.

Designed to be played with just a mouse.

Preferably a wireless mouse, then you can pretend its a wii.

1 :- Mouse wheel to set position.

2 :- Wheel button to add ball.

3 :- Mouse wheel to aim.

4 :- Left mouse to throw. The longer you hold it the faster it goes.

5 :- You can add spin with wheel on the way down.

6 :- If you dont hit a strike, let the camera come back and repeat.

It will reset after two bowls or when they all are down.

It plays frames correctly if you dont go out of sequence, and shows you

which skittles are left. If anyone would like to help me with a full game

scoring script I would be gratefull. Extra levels could be good.

Enjoy Bogey.

ps, Its a 7z.

pps, you will have put your own music on. I dont do looping crap.

ppps, Whatever you do, dont press the Right mouse button. Its cruel.

edit. Oh yes, I forgot to add, Left and Right click together to exit.