It's coming!

MC and HNY everyone!

2560x1600 WALLPAPER

hahah nice! I love it

Wow! This is an awesome picture!

Any chance for hi-res desktop wallpaper?

Nice render. I’m curious about those parented control boxes in the background of pic2. Could someone point me to some information on that subject?

@meigo, HNY too! Nice models.look like a movie poster mood.

Hey, thanks for comments.

@84d: Here’s a WALLPAPER for you

@FoundationsofPause: These boxes are custom script generated sliders driving shapekeys or bones of characters face. Basically just mesh and text objects. Whole concept is borrowed from this BOOK, it’s for maya but fully adaptabe to blender. It could be generalized enough to make an addon out of it I guess.

Please do :D. I’ve seen those around the blender-verse before. It looks mighty handy. Shapekeys though, thanks thats what I was looking for.

Really nice-looking render, but I can’t help looking more at the super-minimal base mesh. You don’t waste your vertices! Looks like a fun mesh to build shape keys for.

Stop Staring! is great for general insight about facial modeling and animation, and shouldn’t be skipped based on the Maya environment. It’s interesting to see inspired rigs creep into the Blender world.
Is the inspiration mainly about the UI approach, or any of the complicated multilayered hypergraph stuff? That process was pretty insane, with special scripts to “blast open hidden attributes” and stuff, but the feeling when the first facial rig started coming together was great. And though I was far from getting comfortable with the system, it gave a tantalizing taste of the power of node-based mesh manipulation.

So, yeah. There’s at least a bit of interest for that addon.

I have to say it…this is clever. :slight_smile:

Thanks for wallpaper :slight_smile:

@encn: It’s pretty much the same from inside too. I remember that first edition of osipa’s book used expressions that I converted to nodes by myself, next edition had switched to nodes as well for performance reasons I suppose. In general it’s not too complicated but here’s a sample of eyelid behavior and driver script that drives eyelid bone. It’s too long to fit in the picture :). Gud Jul!

Click to view animation

I have this on my computer too, thanks for wallpaper!