It's done, it's finely done

Finish my first realtime game demo, note, the gravity is low so you would be able to get to high places. Here’s the link

erm im sure jd posted lol, well. here goes, its a nice try at a game, like you said u turnd the grav down a bit, i have no idea what u got to do , u go slow, also you can go through walls use the different settings ;). very nice try tho dude, damn jd im sure u posted . im goin crazy. She did post, but why can’t I see it with you ? Yes, there are some over lapping, but it does get confusing when editing the mesh and UV, but I have learn some important lessons from this, by the way, I have trouble with lights in some area so I had to use vertex color to get the effect. What’s differences by the way ?